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4K 00:24 Aerial, edited - Epic shot of a man hiking on the edge of the mountain as a silhouette in beautiful sunset #18955577
HD 00:23 Aerial View. Car on a winding road in the hills. Altai Mountains, Siberia, Russia. Summer 2013 #5656511
4K 00:20 Epic Aerial Flight Through Mountain Clouds Towards Sunrise Beautiful Morning Peaks Inspirational Motivational Nature Background UHD 4K #15072076
4K 00:15 Aerial - Flying around young man standing victoriously on top of the mountain at sunset #18395326
4K 00:18 4K aerial view directly above a farmer monitoring his corn crop with a tablet #26483111
HD 00:30 AERIAL: Flight over the wheat field in sunset #4190908
HD 00:25 Aerial shot of container ship in ocean #4586981
4K 00:18 Aerial view electric car driving on country road, luxury car driving through mist at dusk with headlights #17354431
4K 00:24 Aerial, edited - Epic shot of a man hiking on the edge of the mountain as a silhouette in colorful sunset #19249192
HD 00:31 Time Lapse People Crowd Shopping Street Aerial View Pedestrians Crossing Shibuya Crosswalk Car Traffic Tokyo City Tokio Japan Japanese Anonymous Sidewalk Busy Asian Famous Tourist Attraction Rush Hour #2968597
HD 00:27 Aerial View. Flying over the beautiful sunny forest trees. Aerial camera shot. Landscape panorama. Altai, Siberia. #3021262
4K 00:07 Hyperlapse timelapse of night city traffic on 6-way stop street intersection circle roundabout in Beverly Hills, CA. 4K UHD vertical aerial view. #17248012
HD 00:18 Aerial View. Flying over the beautiful river in clouds . Aerial camera shot. Sunrise. Landscape panorama. Altai, Siberia. #4012195
4K 00:09 Connected freeway at sunset in Los Angeles, California. Traffic passing by. Aerial footage. United States. Futuristic. Technology. #25021214
HD 00:22 Mixed race group of people aerial view timelapse hipster office small business start up company planning creative meeting #6616409
HD 00:12 drone flying over cloud in morning, in a aerial shot,  #13649180
4K 00:12 Aerial, edited - Silhouette of a couple giving each other a high five celebrating successful climb on the mountain in beautiful sunset #19249195
HD 00:08 camera chasing a commercial airplane flying above the clouds #2166533
4K 00:16 Aerial drone shot over the north european forest. Shot in 4K (UHD). #11742203
HD 00:30 Alaska mountains and clouds, aerial shot #4584401
HD 00:20 Aerial view of Manhattan Skyline with connections. Technology-Futuristic. Shot of midtown Manhattan at daylight. #11728502
HD 00:22 Aerial video in an amazing landscape, with drone, above rice terraces in a beautiful day. #15050014
4K 00:24 4K aerial view of endless sand dunes of the Namib desert inside the Namib-Naukluft National Park #17560171
HD 00:30 Aerial view of a freeway intersection #4664117
4K 00:20 Russia, Chelyabinsk, 13 June 2015: Aerial flight above dancing crowd on Holi Festival Of Colors. Crowd of people colored powder and having fun.  #10425908
HD 00:45 Aerial View. Sunset. Flight over a green grassy rocky hills. Altai Mountains, Siberia, Russia. Summer 2013 #5656568
4K 00:15 4K Aerial shot of Central London with view of the River Thames, The City Financial District, Liverpool Street, Gherkin, London Eye, Blackfriars, Tate Modern, St Paul's Cathedral #5522564
4K 00:27 Large container ship at sea - Aerial footage #17147902
4K 00:17 Aerial view flying over amazing white sand beach and tropical coral reef lagoon towards beautiful green mountains on Kauai #16563283
4K 00:20 Overhead aerial view of the circular shaped Nanpu highway, one of the most iconic elevated highways, located in Shanghai, China. #19836121

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