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HD 00:24 Beautiful brunette bride and handsome groom dancing first dance at the wedding party. Confetti in the air. Very tender moment #16053757
HD 00:26 inks in water #8398420
HD 00:30 glitter exploding into a rainbow of colors slow motion #5453618
4K 00:18 Buenos Aires, Argentina - February 27, 2015: Ballerina performing pirouettes in studio, slow motion #16900717
4K 00:05 white polygonal geometric surface. computer generated seamless loop abstract motion background. 4k UHD (3840x2160)
HD 00:30 Beautiful sunrise over Asia seen from space. MORE OPTIONS IN MY PORTFOLIO.
HD 00:12 Golden reflectors and sparkles – seamless looping
HD 00:31 Background of natural floating dust particles backlit with lens flare - 96fps HD Slo-mo 2 #7523545
HD 00:19 MMA fighter walks down a hall to the cage. Medium shot. #4689758
4K 00:12 abstract space background, geometry surfaces, lines and points. Abstract tunnel grid. Can be used as digital dynamic wallpaper, technology background. #10338440
4K 00:30 Abstract Gold Particles Background #19212964
HD 00:15 Noise Glitch Video Damage  #15932098
4K 00:23 Dust Particles. Natural Floating Organic Particles On Black Background. Glittering Particles With Bokeh. Slow motion. #20972563
HD 00:25 Abstract Particles Background  #16901761
HD 00:30 Growing network connections. 2 colors in 1 file. Loopable. Blue-Silver. Perfect to use as a technology, communication or social media background. More options in my portfolio. #11745479
HD 00:26 Real Light Leak and Lens Flare overlays. For compositing over your footage, stylizing your video, for transitions. #16088437
4K 00:08 4k blossoming apple-tree, beautiful 3d animation. see also the new corrected version with butterflies ClipID 9191579 #5636978
HD 00:19 Humming bird on white and black backgrounds with an alpha matte, 3d animation  #10703939
HD 00:35 Fabulous Patterns
4K 00:20 Aerial view. Flight over the grid, 80s Retro Sci-fi. #15389950
4K 00:22 Beautiful white watercolor ink drops transition on black background, paint bleed Bloom, with circle organic flow expanding, pure splatter spreading. Perfect for motion graphics, digital composition #24508985
HD 00:40 8 Clean White Soft Backgrounds Pack .Loopable #4189474
HD 00:23 Kickboxer shadow boxing as exercise for the big fight, shot on Red Epic #3673691
HD 00:21 Shot of some cheering fans at a life concert, slow motion, some visible noise due high ISO, soft focus, also normal speed version of this video available in my portfolio #3475469
HD 00:08 Concert,dance music in performance work( Series 2 - Version from 1 to 7 )+Think Different+You can find every week new Footage, Have a look at the other Footage series..( CONCERT COLLECTION - 24 ) #2280635
HD 00:06 Sound waves+Dance of lines and light [ COLLECTION 20+With GREEN + ORANGE Color ]-[Version from 1 to 12 ] + " Thing Different+You can find every week new Footage+Have a look at the other Footage series #3191860
HD 00:12 Stage lights and different shapes art gallery. Series 3 + Version from 1 to 26+ORANGE-BLUE-PURPLE and WHITE COLOR SERIES #9085631
HD 00:28 Young Afro Brazilian woman smiling for a selfie #15834454
4K 00:06 2d Cartoon FX Pack 4K 10 Shape Elements with glow effect and with out glow effect. Pre-rendered with alpha channel with 4K resolution. Just drop the .mov files straight into your project. #21112954
HD 00:29 Alive painting - animated portrait #9128978

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