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HD 00:16 Car Assembly Plant in Chengdu, China - September 19, 2014. Chengdu economic growth. State-level economic and technological development zone of Chengdu. #19811347
HD 00:15 Dancing girl fan silhouettes on concert flashing light cheerful hands in air #9528020
HD 00:34 A man controls a drone at sunset #16505374
HD 00:26 Online shopping. Finger touching tablet computer screen #4123891
4K 00:14 4-engine jet airplane take-off against cloudy sunset sky #21221026
HD 00:17 You can replace the green area with your content. #5351291
HD 00:14 Soccer fans in stadium #2822725
HD 00:21 Finger touching Add to Cart button on a tablet computer screen #4123888
HD 00:17 Soccer fans in stadium after a missed goal #2822749
4K 00:36 PLOVDIV, BULGARIA, NOVEMBER 2016: Fingers browsing Spotify music application on a touchscreen device #21731971
HD 00:10 Symphony orchestra performing outdoors at open public event at night. Night scene, illuminated stage. #29193931
HD 00:18 Trendy man in a restaurant make photo of food with mobile phone camera #23145481
4K 00:10 4k aerial footage at Sydney Harbour Bridge during sunrise at summer #14007284
HD 00:26 Bartender Pouring Draft Beer #5869751
HD 00:28 Up And Down On Whitewater Rafting Trip On Class Four Rapids
4K 00:13 Man using his smartphone with to scroll a  Official facebook profile of president of United States of America Donald J. Trump feed, scrolling news, tapping on screen.  LOS ANGELES - January 2018. #1010002319
4K 00:11 Liverpool Street Station at Rush Hour, London #17867353
HD 00:12 Impressed audience, made of Caucasian people sitting down, applauding, during a spectacular event. Close up hands only with no faces. Focus goes from back to front. #5249192
HD 00:20 Close-Up Of Hands Using Google Maps In Smart Phone. Man Holds Phone In Hands And Uses Gps #16770841
HD 00:13 Woman texting while Driving #3019270
HD 00:15 Elderly Indian woman smiles and fold hands in gratitude upon receiving some vegetarian food. She has been put out of home by a big flood #13707548
HD 00:37 Food For Sale on the Street Food in night market. Woman eats pancake with banana. 1920x1080 #27269539
HD 00:24 Young designer sitting at the table and working on a computer #4711064
HD 00:09 Lenses of many photographers working in sporting event #5694089
4K 00:08 Sliced pieces of butter on wooden background #17769016
HD 00:14 LOS ANGELES JULY 2014 - Aerial of container ship at sea near Los Angeles shipping Port. There are currently over 17 million shipping containers in the world. LOS ANGELES, USA 1 JULY 2014 EDITORIAL #7508218
HD 00:53 Rocket "Soyuz" launch. Baikonur, Kazakhstan. Shot 2. #30813790
4K 00:08 RYAZAN, RUSSIA - JUNE 15: Abstract aerial view of open drift training at Atron International Circuit in Ryazan,Russia.Ryazan is administrative center of Ryazan Oblast located on Oka River.   #17615545
HD 00:25 SAN FRANCISCO, USA - April 1, 2016: "Facebook Like Button" From Bright White Surface. Facebook is The Most Popular Online Social Networking Service in the World. Editorial Animation. #15472276
HD 00:10 Casual man leafing through a glossy magazine. indoor, close up #23155285

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