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4K 00:11 Close up portrait of Woman looking up at rain in nature with wet hair Hiker Girl trekking in Scotland Slow Motion #25164725
4K 00:12 Attractive Woman using Mobile Phone During Walk on Streets of Night Town. Shot on RED Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD). #19400218
HD 00:12 The Birth of a Galaxy #3427100
HD 00:24 Wonderful smiling woman with a lovely look and natural make up looking at camera and the wind moving her hair #18899135
4K 00:24 Aerial, edited - Epic shot of a man hiking on the edge of the mountain as a silhouette in beautiful sunset #18955577
HD 00:23 Growing tree at sunrise #3777728
HD 00:19 Sun breaking through pine trees #2031496
HD 00:14 Office chair race. Slow motion. Young guys have fun in the office during a break. Games of businessmen from large offices. Men celebrate a successful deal and throwing papers up. Office party. #15778135
HD 00:15 Close approach to waterfall by boat, Milford Sound Fjord. South Island, New Zealand. #2208901
HD 00:13 Northern Lights (Aurora borealis) reflected on a lake timelapse in Iceland #3775625
HD 00:58 Happy Couple Having Fun Outdoors. Laughing Joyful Family. Freedom Concept. #4285643
4K 00:08 4k blossoming apple-tree, beautiful 3d animation. see also the new corrected version with butterflies ClipID 9191579 #5636978
HD 00:20 Satellite view of a large hurricane / typhoon with a well defined eye. (Other options available in my portfolio.) #4475606
4K 00:28 Woman looking at ocean view at sunset thinking about life Girl relaxing in nature enjoying afternoon peace and calm landscape nature background enjoying vacation travel #25166015
HD 00:25 Rough Sea Loop 3D

A loop of big waves in an agitated ocean. Camera goes underwater several times #2964829
4K 00:20 Epic Aerial Flight Through Mountain Clouds Towards Sunrise Beautiful Morning Peaks Inspirational Motivational Nature Background UHD 4K #15072076
HD 00:15 Athletic Young Man Jumping From Cliff Into Ocean Sea Water Muscular Adventure Extreme Sports Lifestyle Hobby Vacation Clear Beach Slow Motion Leisure Activity Gopro HD #8623765
4K 00:22 Young couple holding hands woman leading boyfriends walking towards sunset on empty beach POV travel concept #10205051
HD 00:30 Planet earth with sunrise in space #2765510
HD 00:10 plants growing time lapse #9214634
4K 00:29 SLOW MOTION, CLOSE UP: Detail of vintage leather mountaineering boots and unrecognizable adventurous female hiker climbing mountain peak, hiking uphill on beautiful sunny summer day in European Alps #20183806
HD 00:14 Volcanic Eruption in Iceland Marz 2010, Eyjafjallajokull. Footage taken in extreme conditions only a half mile from the crater during frequent gas explosions from advancing lava. A mountain is born. #2794936
HD 00:08 Girl looks at the sun through her hand #8079799
4K 00:15 Germinating Seed Growing in Ground Agriculture Spring Summer Timelapse #25254071
HD 00:12 Realistic explosion and blasts with alpha channel. VFX element. #19180015
HD 00:09 Man holding a little green plant #1150918
4K 00:16 Aerial drone shot over the north european forest. Shot in 4K (UHD). #11742203
HD 00:13 Big Bang Creation #5806865
HD 00:10 Mixed race woman runner running on beach road #5721902
4K 00:23 A happy woman smiles in the rain, the woman immersed in the nature of dance under the happy and free rain in slow motion. Concept of love, nature, happiness, freedom. #20072284

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