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4K 00:13 soccer ball in goal net with slowmotion. Slowmotion football ball in the net. #17339812
4K 00:08 Business woman showing 3d printed object in Creative business team meeting in gender neutral start up office team leader pointing at screen discussing 3d printing technology #13949264
4K 00:31 Autonomous car driving through Los Angeles. Computer vision. Object detection system that creates boxes to recognize objects in the streets. Artificial intelligence technology.
4K 00:09 Young tourist woman exploring Barcelona map while traveling in Spain, vacation concept, flare light #15513184
HD 00:23 Growing tree at sunrise #3777728
4K 00:30 Working 3D printer, printing a human bust. 4K Time Lapse Video #21237259
4K 00:15 Multicolored Confetti falling over green screen. Holiday or party background. More options in my portfolio. #11744786
HD 00:12 Stage lights and different shapes art gallery. Series 3 + Version from 1 to 26+ORANGE-BLUE-PURPLE and WHITE COLOR SERIES #9085631
4K 00:13 Architect working on blueprint close up #12765527
HD 00:06 Sound waves+Dance of lines and light [ COLLECTION 20+With GREEN + ORANGE Color ]-[Version from 1 to 12 ] + " Thing Different+You can find every week new Footage+Have a look at the other Footage series #3191860
HD 00:07 Hexacopter drone lands on your hands #16895509
HD 00:24 Hammock and palm trees on the beach #15457051
4K 00:15 metamorphose of amorphous shape from dots and lines, abstract animation of future shape 4K #18294355
HD 00:17 Woman Adjusting Smart Thermostat Gadget At Home #28941796
4K 00:20 Beer is pouring from the top into the glass forming waves #15964762
HD 00:15 Light bulb on black background #3371102
4K 00:16 3d printing vase. 4.0 industrial revolution. 4k time lapse video #21335164
4K 00:30 Earth connections. Asia. Japan and China. Animation of the Earth with bright connections and citiy lights. Aerial, maritime, ground routes and country borders. 2 in 1 file. Dolly and locked. Blue. #11727533
4K 00:23 3D printer working. 3D printer, printing a human bust with blue plastic wire filament in additive manufacturing technique. 4K time lapse video #22530913
HD 00:15 portrait of smiling beautiful woman in library 1 #19013869
HD 00:20 Man pouring wine into glasses at a party #3892664
HD 00:20 Black liquid surface, abstract, oil, fluid, ferrofluid #9633911
HD 00:08 Beer is pouring from the top into the glass forming waves. #3844628
4K 00:45 Raindrops of white water falling down on glass. Perfect for digital composing. Pure black background. #10658729
4K 00:13 Glass full of beer slow moving bubbles 4K 3840X2160 UltraHD footage - Bubbles and foam moving fast in glass of beer 4K 2160p UHD video #10562576
HD 00:15 Businessman climbing stairs with a briefcase #3269375
4K 00:30 abstract dark 3d rendered geometric background with spikes in ultra high definition quality #6854599
HD 00:23 Aerial drone footage of lake and mountains against sky. Fast tracking shot of rippled water and on lake. Reflection of clouds is falling in water. Filmed from surface level perspective. HD 1080 video. #10230734
4K 00:05 Beautiful Abstract Cubes Looped 3d Animation. White Wall Moving. Seamless Background in 4k 3840x2160 Ultra HD. #23647405
HD 00:25 Strawberry falling in white yogurt cream in slow motion tabletop #20154616

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