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4K 00:15 Blue sky white clouds background timelapse. Beautiful weather at cloudy heaven. Beauty of bright color, light in summer nature. Abstract fluffy, puffy cloudscape in air time lapse. High sunny cumulus. #27255769
HD 00:17 Beautiful girl praying looking up at purple sky with hope, close-up. Silhouette of young woman dreaming looking upwards sunset outdoors.  #27705571
HD 00:13 Big Bang Creation #5806865
4K 00:12 Simulation of Big Bang explosion. #12473717
HD 00:30 Floating lanterns in Yee Peng Festival, Loy Krathong celebration in Chiangmai, Thailand. Wide angle view. #5092781
HD 00:10 Beautiful cloudscape with large, building clouds and sunrise breaking through cloud mass. #3936629
HD 00:18 SANSAI, CHIANGMAI, THAILAND - NOV 24: Yee Peng Festival, Loy Krathong celebration with more than a thousand floating lanterns in Chiangmai, Thailand on November 24, 2012 #3389084
HD 00:21 Galaxy Creation #3375299
HD 00:12 The Birth of a Galaxy #3427100
4K 00:39 4K. Timelapse rolling clouds - ULTRA HD, 4096x2304. #5309765
4K 00:20 cinematic animation background, flying through stormy clouds, looped (Hd, 4k ultra high definition seamless loop, 3840 X 2160, ready for compositing) great intro or titles sequence #8101813
HD 00:12 The Big Bang #24972239
4K 00:23 Aerial Flight Over Hot Air Baloons in a Mountain Range at Sunset Beautiful Nature Summer Landscape Beauty Religion Relaxation Inspiration Treavel Destination Vacation #21575251
HD 00:18 Sun Dust - High speed POV shot of waving fingers through sun rays and dust. #7803976
HD 00:29 Lantern Traditional Festival
" canon 60D and 11-16 tokina " #6483548
4K 00:23 4k Abstract gold rays Stage Lighting hope light background,flare star sunlight,radiation ray laser energy,tunnel passage lines backdrop. 1220_4k #10278488
HD 00:30 White bird flapping on black background shooting with high speed camera, phantom flex. #4629521
4K 00:16 4K beautiful Japanese geisha dancing on stage and posing for the camera,the smoke in the background, slow motion #14442808
HD 00:09 Basilica and Expiatory Church of the Holy Family, Barcelona - Spain
This is an aerial video of Basilica and Expiatory Church of the Holy Family shot by drone in Barcelona, Spain. #23344345
4K 00:39 Angkor Wat temple of Cambodia, Siem Reap #24291992
4K 00:10 Woman Pick an Apple #31087765
4K 00:23 4k Abstract mysterious heaven background,paradise storm deep rays tunnel,universe soul channel,divine God Jesus Christianity religion creed,flying in altocumulus clouds,sun light. 1416_4k #11337674
4K 00:43 Color battle at the holi festival in India, 4k aerial shot #30611023
HD 00:10 cheerful applause at a premiere in theater #15939040
4K 00:28 Highlight Floating lanterns in Yee Peng Festival, Loy Krathong celebration in Chiangmai, Thailand  #11945582
4K 00:20 fly over angkor wat 7 #24406805
4K 00:26 Dust particle explosion, Light ray effect. UHD 4k 3840x2160.
4K 00:22 fly over bayon temple 2 #24406709
4K 00:13 Angelic being reaches out hand and gestures to come with him into the light. #19752088
4K 00:29 Aerial Drone Flight Over Mountain Range Through Clouds At Sunset Morning Mist Sun Light Flare Sunrise Beauty Inspiration Religion Worship God'S View Concept UHD 4K #15072040

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