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HD 00:38 beautiful blue sky with clouds background.Sky clouds.Sky with clouds weather nature cloud blue.Blue sky with clouds and sun. #1026360101
4K 00:12 Building motions clouds. Puffy fluffy white clouds sky time lapse. slow moving clouds. B Roll Footage Cloudscape timelapse cloudy. footage timelapse nature 4k. background worship christian concept. #1040745419
HD 00:21 Sunrise clouds in blue skies. Beautiful rainy mass with large, building white and sunset breaking through. Time lapse of bright sun shining with passing. FHD. 1080p #33144121
4K 00:12 Young woman face opening eyes in meditation and contemplation loooking up at the sky with hope and faith #1015309981
HD 00:10 Young muslim woman wearing hijab headscarf walking in the city center, using smartphone and drinking coffee. Communication, online shopping, social network concept. #1033256423
HD 00:12 The Big Bang #24972239
4K 00:41 Beautiful cirrus clouds moving across a summer blue sky. It can also be used as a transitional video, a meditative video, or for nature-related projects. #1009637177
4K 00:12 Simulation of Big Bang explosion. #12473717
HD 00:13 Kid looking up at the sky in nature. Little girl praying looking up at purple sky with hope, close-up.  #1018841071
4K 00:10 Woman Pick an Apple #31087765
HD 00:13 Big Bang Creation #5806865
HD 00:30 Light shining red star with long rays #5255477
HD 00:30 Light shining blue star with long rays #5255480
HD 00:14 In buddhist monastery (stupa Boudhanath in Kathmandu, Nepal) #5245463
HD 00:20 Light shining blue star with long rays #5183144
HD 00:20 Light shining blue star with long rays #5183147
HD 00:20 Light shining star with long rays #5183150
HD 00:30 Low angle view TimeLapse of Beautiful sunny blue sky with bright sun shining on tropical summer hozizon in vibrant sunlight, sunbeam & sun ray flares with white cumulus clouds at midday sunshine day #1051482661
HD 00:15 Woman turning pages of the christian bible #5114117
HD 00:14 Man with a suit turning the pages of the bible #5114264
HD 00:29 Loi Krathong and Yi Peng Festival, Chiangmai, Thailand #5099351
HD 00:30 Floating lanterns in Yee Peng Festival, Loy Krathong celebration in Chiangmai, Thailand. Wide angle view. #5092781
HD 00:30 Loi Krathong Festival And Many Fire Lanterns Floating Of Chiang Mai Thailand (sound) #5084096
HD 00:19 Young Woman Looking Forward at the Sky #18041770
4K 00:23 Aerial Flight Over Hot Air Baloons in a Mountain Range at Sunset Beautiful Nature Summer Landscape Beauty Religion Relaxation Inspiration Treavel Destination Vacation #21575251
HD 00:26 Spreading Sugar Powder On Hanukkah Doughnuts . Slow motion #1006784071
HD 00:13 Candle burning with a christian cross. Great to use in your religious projects. #4347122
HD 00:13 A christian icon of mother Mary holding Jesus in front of a candle. Great for all sorts of religious productions. #4347149
HD 00:44 Loi Krathong festival in Chiang Mai Thailand  #4327925
HD 00:15 Happy authentic arabic muslim family have a dinner in kitchen together. Concept of religion, lifestyle, social, family. Slow Motion #1046177506

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