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HD 00:27 Skateboarder does flip at sunset #5486102
HD 00:29 Two IT engineers are working in a data center with rows of server racks and super computers. They are discussing their work as they check cables and other equipment. In slow motion. #3589157
HD 00:18 Diverse team of scientists or researchers working together in a dark laboratory, carrying out experiments and analyzing their findings. In slow motion. #4370678
HD 00:24 Team of six adult people white water rafting. On board camera, slow motion #5469218
HD 00:28 SLOW MOTION: Girl running at sunset #3590273
HD 00:28 Lone runner in wintry wood, slow motion shot at 240fps
HD 00:24 Young woman standing on seashore and smelling flower, slow motion shot at 240fps
HD 00:18 SLOW MOTION: Snowboarder jumps over kicker, low angle view #5187869
HD 00:30 Powerful professional female swimmer in training is doing the butterfly stroke and coming up for air. In slow motion. #4502408
4K 00:20 Cg animation of color powder explosion on black background. Slow motion movement with acceleration in the beginning. Has alpha matte #24419024
HD 00:23 Soccer player kicking ball in mid-air, slow motion #4656179
HD 00:26 A beautiful female nurse attends to an elderly male patient, plumping up his pillows and chatting with him. In slow motion.  #3421832
HD 00:15 Mountain biker jumping at sunset in super slow motion #5566250
4K 00:11 Close up portrait of Woman looking up at rain in nature with wet hair Hiker Girl trekking in Scotland Slow Motion #25164725
HD 00:30 Backflip - A free runner back flips off a wall in super slow motion #3843278
HD 00:17 Sexy Nightclub Dancer - Super Slow Motion #4039930
HD 00:51 Daughter rushes into mother's arms at home and gives her a big hug. Shot on RED EPIC Cinema Camera in slow motion. #16444624
HD 00:18 Young three men jumping into the sea, slow motion shot at 240fps
HD 00:09 detail soccer player kicking ball on field slow motion
HD 00:50 Beautiful Girl Lying on the Meadow and Dreaming. Enjoy Nature. Close up Slow Motion Footage #4170274
HD 00:29 Swimmer doing butterfly stroke, super slow motion #4686812
HD 00:16 Playing with Toy Airplane #3094270
HD 00:09 POV Cliff Jumping Backflip (Slow Motion)  #4256120
HD 00:30 Happy carefree young group of friends having fun and dancing on the beach as the sun begins to set. In slow motion. #5841464
4K 00:38 Ink in water. Slow Motion. Shot with high speed camera, phantom flex 4K. Slow Motion. #22151917
HD 00:09 Motivational business team stand in a circle with their hands together for a team talk, outdoors in the city on a bright sunny day. In slow motion. #5110193
4K 00:29 SLOW MOTION, CLOSE UP: Detail of vintage leather mountaineering boots and unrecognizable adventurous female hiker climbing mountain peak, hiking uphill on beautiful sunny summer day in European Alps #20183806
HD 00:29 Portrait of a large group of happy and diverse business people who are standing together, isolated on white. They jump in the air and cheer to celebrate their business success. In slow motion. #3823526
HD 00:14 hiking in the snow. hikers walking. foot feet steeps. snow winter landscape. sports recreation activity. holiday vacation tourism. people persons male silhouette. fly over. aerial #5594660
HD 00:45 Slow motion close-up of a person slicing a pepperoni pizza into multiple slices with a pizza cutter #18943379

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