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HD 00:19 close-up of a chef working the wok with flames roasting mixed colorful vegetables tossing them , restaurant kitchen , slow motion #29136106
4K 00:23 Throwing spaghetti pasta into water. Overhead shot. Shot with high speed camera, 4K. Slow Motion. #1015532920
4K 00:11 A pretty young woman using her smartphone on the couch, texting while relaxing, 4K slow motion #1011899027
4K 00:23 Beautiful 4K tropical beach aerial - a bird's eye view of ocean waves crashing against an empty beach from above #1012392044
4K 00:17 Oil spinning and falling. Shot with high speed camera, phantom flex 4K. Slow Motion. #19045963
4K 00:15 Man in formal suit dancing and throwing money. Slow motion #33872305
HD 00:25 Environmental pollution. Plastic bottles, bags, trash in river, lake. Rubbish and pollution floating in water. Slow motion #29954578
HD 00:23 Tranquil and serene slow motion video of wild dolphins jump from water in sea #18070063
HD 00:27 Closeup of man spitting with tongue out, slow motion #4712063
HD 00:13 Close up smiling man walk with shopping cart at the supermarket feel happy hypermarket hand food shop store customer grocery handsome indoor lifestyle male market buyer guy product shopper slow motion #1008755315
HD 00:21 A little boy looks in the box, is surprised and happy to receive a surprise. The child opened a box with a gift. Slow Motion. #31789576
HD 00:27 Jogger running through park, slow motion #4821518
HD 00:08 Graduation Day Celebration, With Happy Black Graduate Female Hugged By Proud Father. In Slow Motion. #32901139
HD 00:30 Woman dancing, flashbulb series #4557992
HD 00:17 beautiful black woman with afro hair having fun smiling and dancing in studio against blue background. slow motion #1007387173
4K 00:25 Luxurious orange turquoise and black graphic arts. Flows of gold paint blur on all sides. in slow motion #30854287
HD 00:24 Diverse group of business people walking around a light and modern open plan office building. In slow motion. #3895193
4K 00:34 Having a toast with two glasses of beer and spilling. Shot with high speed camera, phantom flex 4K. Slow Motion. #24422726
HD 00:21 Pure blue water in pool with light reflections. Slow motion. #30772978
4K 00:23 An attractive woman working on her computer on a couch, 4K slow motion #1011898844
HD 00:26 Iconic night rock concert front row crowd cheering hands in air slomo 100p.An outdoor summer night rock concert.People cheer move lift and clap their hands in unison against the strobing stage lights. #27821341
4K 00:22 A playful handsome guy in a pink T-shirt and blue leggings is engaged in fitness depicting a girl. Slow motion #28878226
HD 00:38 Big Explosion Golden and Silver Glitter Dust Tiny reflect light in the Air and falling, Dark black background, Selective Focus close up blurred and slow motion #26752087
HD 00:15 A little girl looks in the box, is surprised and happy to receive a surprise. The child opened a box with a gift.Slow Motion #32977249
4K 00:10 close up portrait of young asian teenager man looking serious confident at camera in apartment windows background slow motion #1008347113
HD 01:00 Slow Motion Video of Man walking in Tunnel to the Light #25256111
HD 00:20 Natural organic dust particles on black background. Glittering Particles With Bokeh. Slow motion. #1009184114
4K 00:09 portrait of confident young black business woman intern looking serious at camera independent african american female in office workspace background slow motion #1008365647
HD 00:15 Young caucasian woman in bodysuit relaxing by practicing yoga on the beach near calm sea, close-up of hands, gyan mudra and lotus position. Sunrise background. Slow motion. #29186914
4K 00:34 SLOW MOTION, CLOSE UP: Stunning barrel wave shines brightly in the pretty summer sunlight. Huge tropical wave coming from the endless ocean rushes towards empty beach. Breathtaking natural wonder. #1008885344

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