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HD 00:30 Slow-Motion Shot Of A Professional Male Swimmer Jumping Off The Starting Block Into The Pool. #3306494
4K 00:17 SLOW MOTION SLOW MOTION CLOSE UP: Skier stepping into the ski bindings with his ski boots on a sunny morning. Located at modern European ski resort in the Alps with chairlift in the background #31600183
HD 00:29 Young boy playing in rain, slow motion #4654475
HD 00:05 Close-up face of a beautiful blonde with blue eyes in Slow Motion #24367769
HD 00:24 Monarch Butterfly, slow motion #4662050
HD 00:34 Underwater view of happy fun loving group of friends jumping and diving into swimming pool at a pool party in summer sunny day. Slow motion. #1008794588
HD 00:30 Female Model in Vintage Dress Running through Yellow Field Slow Motion HD #3913778
4K 00:11 A pretty young woman using her smartphone on the couch, texting while relaxing, 4K slow motion #1011899027
HD 00:19 close-up of a chef working the wok with flames roasting mixed colorful vegetables tossing them , restaurant kitchen , slow motion #29136106
HD 00:29 Portrait of a diverse group of business people, walking through  a light and modern glass fronted office building on a bright day. In slow motion. #3872414
4K 00:28 Female runners at athletics track crouching at the starting blocks before a race. In slow motion. #29016952
HD 00:29 Girl opens the curtains in the morning and go out to the terrace, slow motion #2210884
4K 00:23 Beautiful woman having video chat using smartphone outdoors sharing travel adventure  friends showing lake and glacier Girl filming selfie video photo for social media  Norway vacation slow motion #24370124
HD 00:27 Closeup of man spitting with tongue out, slow motion #4712063
HD 00:28 Track and Field athlete doing pole vault, slow motion #4583660
HD 00:25 Female gymnast performing on a balance beam in slow motion. Olympics sport in contemporary setting. Slow motion Shot on RED Epic at 240FPS #4495727
HD 00:30 Red wine pouring, slow motion #4594307
HD 00:19 A group of attractive silhouetted young adults dance in a smokey club in slow motion #4776851
HD 00:08 Car mirror reflection, trees and sky driving, slow motion #4480877
4K 00:16 Slow motion close up of  disturbed blue ocean water surface. Nice looping background (4K,ultra high definition 2160p, seamless loop), slow motion
HD 00:25 Environmental pollution. Plastic bottles, bags, trash in river, lake. Rubbish and pollution floating in water. Slow motion #29954578
HD 00:26 Overhead view of baseball player sliding into home plate #4653581
HD 00:28 SLOW MOTION FOOD: large grains of pepper fall on juicy grilled filet mignon close up #24250295
HD 00:29 SLOW MOTION: Girl running in shallow water at sunset #4465301
HD 00:26 Track and Field athlete doing pole vault, slow motion #4657937
HD 00:27 Jogger running through park, slow motion #4821518
HD 00:23 Young friends having fun on shopping trolleys. Multiethnic young people racing on shopping cart. slow motion #29413315
HD 00:30 SLOW MOTION: Female surfer paddling out #5625599
HD 00:30 Woman dancing, flashbulb series #4557992
HD 00:11 Brazilian kid smiling in slow motion #23449162

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