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HD 00:20 Early morning sun comes up through apple trees at sunrise, time lapse. #2840395
HD 00:12 Shanghai From Day to Night, Time Lapse(Pan). 
Aerial view of high-rise buildings with Huangpu River in Shanghai, China. - >>> Please Search Newest Featured Clip: 1020262945.  #4166956
HD 00:35 Cloud time lapse, Seamless Loop Clouds,Towering Cumulus Cloud Billows Time Lapse, Seamless Loop Clouds, Beautiful white clouds soar across the screen in time lapse fashion over a deep blue background. #28928224
HD 00:09 Cargo ship moving load at port (Time lapse) #5157305
HD 00:26 Polluting factory at dawn, time-lapse #3152725
HD 00:07 Time lapse opening of water lily flower  #2062646
4K 00:14 City traffic panning time lapse in downtown Los Angeles at night. #5289311
4K 00:11 Time-Lapse of Male and Female IT Engineers, Server, Technicians and Support Working in Big Data Center. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera. #25243058
HD 00:10 Time-lapse clip of busy workers in a warehouse or factory, wearing high visibility clothing and hard hats. They are checking stock levels and using a forklift truck to move empty wooden pallets. #3813557
HD 00:24 Red sun disk time lapse dawn with flowing cloud waves HDR, shot at Haleakala National Park, Hawaii #2786665
HD 00:06 Loaders transport container with paintwork on warehouse of paint and varnish plant, time lapse #2716349
HD 00:09 Young woman standing in busy city street, fast motion time lapse #4106353
HD 00:18 Shopping mall time lapse #2856832
HD 00:10 Night scene of Oil and Chemical Plant - Time Lapse #3427631
HD 00:12 Time lapse video of Scottish highland scenery. Sunrays sweeping through the clouds. #3926789
HD 00:15 Time-lapse of growing soybeans vegetables on sunrise background 5d
HD 00:15 Clouds sweep over the major pyramids of Tikal National Park, time lapse #3423749
HD 00:13 Spectacular sunrises over ominous thunderstorm on the horizon. HD 1080p time lapse. #2831713
4K 00:18 4K Star Trails Night Sky Cosmos Galaxy Time-lapse over Cabin. Sunrise from night to day in amazing high resolution at Joshua Tree National Park, California.  #5860994
HD 00:14 time lapse. time passing. watch clock clock hand. tempo rush speed busy. sunset sun flare  #5355491
HD 00:29 Time lapse of a large group business people moving around a large, open plan, glass fronted office building. The interior panels of glass are reflecting the clouds outside as they move across the sky. #3870671
4K 00:11 Arch Of Triumph, Evening, Paris - Time Lapse
A Time Lapse of The Arch of Triumph (Arc de Triomphe) in the evening, with cars and buses passing by in motion blur. 0h15 Time Lapse #11451635
HD 00:38 Sao Paulo Brazil skyline sunset time lapse #1295953
4K 00:08 4k blossoming apple-tree, beautiful 3d animation. see also the new corrected version with butterflies ClipID 9191579 #5636978
4K 00:08 The man stand on a background of a milky way with asteroids skyfall. time lapse #30148867
HD 00:10 Driving through tunnel, abstract with motion blur and glow. #1341715
HD 00:17 Yellow Daffodils Blooming Time Lapse #2680307
HD 00:12 Time Lapse: A Smartphone Battery Is Charged From Zero to 100%. Close up macro shot of the battery level indicator on a smart phone being charged in time lapse. #34052467
HD 00:07 US Capitol building with time lapse storm clouds.
NOTE:  Technically improved 4K version now available.  Please see file # 7220186. #4793540
HD 00:18 Time lapse shot of a young and attractive business team of mixed ethnicity, working together in a busy contemporary office. #4391237

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