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4K 00:14 Time lapse of vegetable seeds growing or sprouting from the ground.   #27522457
HD 00:35 Cloudy time lapse, Seamless Loop Clouds,Towering Cumulus Cloud Billows Time Lapse, Seamless, Beautiful white cloudscape soar across the screen in time lapse fashion over a deep blue background. FHD. #28928224
4K 00:20 TIME LAPSE: Glass Office Building, Light in the Windows Turning on and off, dusk. 4K. Modern business and conference centre. Career and Employment concept. Corporate life. City rush hour. #22177861
4K 00:11 Time-Lapse of Male and Female IT Engineers, Server, Technicians and Support Working in Big Data Center. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera. #25243058
HD 00:12 Motion time lapse hyperlapse of Manhattan bridge from Washington street, Brooklyn, New York, USA #13348748
HD 00:10 Night scene of Oil and Chemical Plant - Time Lapse #3427631
4K 00:08 The man stand on a background of a milky way with asteroids skyfall. time lapse #30148867
HD 00:15 Time-lapse of opening bone white Medeo rose 2a1 in Animation format with ALPHA transparency channel isolated on black background, top view
HD 00:14 Cloud chenge colors in sunny day, orange,pink cloud, blue rain cloud in bad weather, Red purple orange blue pink sunset sky cloud Red purple cloudscape time lapse background Dark red purple sunset sky #31285792
4K 00:11 Arch Of Triumph, Evening, Paris - Time Lapse
A Time Lapse of The Arch of Triumph (Arc de Triomphe) in the evening, with cars and buses passing by in motion blur. 0h15 Time Lapse #11451635
HD 00:12 Time Lapse: A Smartphone Battery Is Charged From Zero to 100%. Close up macro shot of the battery level indicator on a smart phone being charged in time lapse. #34052467
4K 00:30 Time lapse of big sunrise over desert with silhouette of lone cactus in foreground #31515772
HD 00:17 Yellow Daffodils Blooming Time Lapse #2680307
4K 00:22 Apricot flower growing and blossoming on a dark background time lapse, 4k 25 fps time lapse video/Apricot flower blooming macro time lapse/Apricot time lapse #5871236
HD 00:15 Time-lapse Shibuya cross-walk #713530
4K 00:19 Time-lapse of construction site at night with light trails of traffic in the city, top view. Advanced building technology, busy metro downtown cityscape, or developing industrial country concept. #1008451273
4K 01:00 Time lapse clouds, rolling puffy cloud are moving, white lightnes clouds time lapse. Ultra HD sunny clouds, Cloud running across the blue sky.4k Timelapse of white clouds with blue sky in background. #33804619
HD 00:12 Downtown Nashville, Tennessee, USA time lapse. #4085938
HD 00:14 time lapse. time passing. watch clock clock hand. tempo rush speed busy. sunset sun flare  #5355491
HD 00:12 Time lapse of a busy security team watching the screens in a system control center. Could be a weather station or airport traffic control room. Could be a police or government surveillance facility.  #4363301
HD 00:16 REAL TIME LAPSE Seamless loop of twinkling stars. Created at 1920x1080p. Milky Way Galaxy Time Lapse, Desert, Astrophotography time lapse footage of Milky Way galaxy rising. #28859317
4K 00:07 Aerial view timelapse (time lapse, time-lapse) of Barcelona city sunrise from Montjuic mountain mirador, Spain. September 2013. #9841625
4K 00:08 Time lapse  Time Lapse of a Speeding  tricycle  on the busy streets of Bangkok City motion bluron tricycle or tuk -tuk in Bangkok Thailand  #17559337
HD 00:35 A time lapse of the large orange sunset as the massive sun sets into the horizon above the ocean, Sunset sky clouds. Sunset sky background. Sunset sky orange.. #33743422
4K 00:40 Time lapse clouds, rolling puffy cloud are moving, white lightnes clouds time lapse. Ultra HD sunny clouds, Cloud running across the blue sky.4k Timelapse of white clouds with blue sky in background. #33804625
4K 00:12 Green screen of advertising billboard and traffic on expressway of twilight in Bangkok, Thailand. time lapse. #25591781
HD 00:06 time-lapse water,water time-lapse,sky time-lapse,clouds time-lapse,time-lapse clouds,nature time lapse  #18528236
HD 00:17 Almond flower growing and blossoming macro time lapse isolated with alpha, encoded with photo-png/Almond flower time lapse/Almond time lapse #18850229
HD 00:06 people in shopping corridor, time lapse  #344641
HD 00:30 Montage of opening colorful roses time-lapse, time lapse, time, lapse, timelapse, includes alpha matte

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