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4K 00:12 Commuter riding a bike on his morning travel to job. Smartly dressed active young man traveling to job in the city early in the morning. Sunrise in front of the cyclist. #19441258
4K 00:07 Hyperlapse timelapse zoom out of night city traffic on 4-way stop street intersection circle roundabout in bangkok, thailand. 4K UHD horizontal aerial view. #1007278816
HD 00:17 Pretty girl looking at camera and smiling.  #16008244
HD 00:13 Pipeline transportation is most common way of transporting goods such as Oil, natural gas or water on long distances. Camera is slowly moving along the pipeline. Animation is loopable. #3634487
4K 00:13 Elevated Road Junction And Interchange Overpass  At Night Traffic Timelapse Transportation Light Dark Illuminated Modern Urban Office Building #21762709
4K 00:27 Moving transporter of conveyor belt with frameworks of unfinished cars and robots welders #32030296
4K 00:18 Driving Down Desert Road In Death Valley, CA #21610621
HD 00:11 Beautiful Robotic Arms Assembling Computer Cases On Conveyor Belt. Futuristic Advanced Automated Process. 3d Animation. Business, Industrial and Technology Concept. Full HD 1920x1080. #33491245
4K 00:07 Confident male worker in shirt with a backpack commuting to a job. Smart handsome cyclist traveling by sustainable transport and living a healthy lifestyle. #26214935
4K 00:16 An aerial view of Melbourne cityscape including Yarra River and Victoria Harbour in the distance. Timelapse during sunset with beautiful sun ray bursting through fast moving clouds.
Timelapse Zoom In. #10183700
4K 00:15 Driverless or autonomous car aerial view. Traffic passing by a highway. Plate number, miles per hour and ID number displaying. Future transportation. Artificial intelligence. Self driving. #33601579
4K 00:10 Happy Smiling Businessman Driving a Car through Streets of Night City. Shot on RED Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD). #19484287
4K 00:31 CLOSE UP: Futuristic automated electric car parallel parking by itself in beautiful suburban street. Self-steering automatic computer vision vehicle turning wheel and parking automobile on spot #31330915
4K 00:19 CLOSE UP: UAV drone delivery. Multicopter flying big brown package into city. Drone delivering post package to your home. Futuristic shipment by helicopter drone. Multirotor logistics and transport. #31829827
4K 00:18 Aerial vertical overhead rooftop view of Metropolitan Chicago city Skyscraper buildings Downtown Financial District USA Illinois RED DRAGON #22988353
4K 00:15 Senior is plugging in power cord to an electric car. Close up. 4K #24121744
HD 00:25 Yacht sailing on opened sea. Sailing boat. Yacht from drone. Yachting video. Yacht from above. Sailboat from drone. Sailing video. Yachting at windy day. Yacht. Sailboat. #16596532
4K 00:15 4K CLOSE UP: Personal cars and big freight transporting semi trucks driving on busy highway at beautiful golden sunrise in summer. Traffic on busy freeway speeding in colorful early morning #15953602
HD 00:07 Plane flying over head, landing at airport at sunset or sunrise #26170943
4K 00:07 Hyperlapse timelapse of night city traffic on 6-way stop street intersection circle roundabout in Beverly Hills, CA. 4K UHD vertical aerial view. #17248012
HD 00:27 Forklift trucks move between large metal shelves at a modern warehouse and unload pallets with cardboard boxes #9190772
HD 00:25 Aerial shot of container ship in ocean #4664129
HD 00:30 City pedestrian traffic of people crossing the famous Shibuya intersection in Tokyo. #5289929
HD 00:15 City pedestrian traffic shot on a busy Brussels shopping street with added color correction. #4978748
4K 00:07 Time lapse traffic at night in Seoul, South Korea.4K #14936332
4K 00:10 A semi truck passes the camera driving on a highway into the sunset, back-view low angle camera. Realistic high quality 3d animation.
4K 00:16 Large container ship at sea - Top down Aerial  #32074801
HD 00:20 Aerial view of sunrise through airliner window #23524966
4K 00:11 Happy Smiling Businessman Driving a Car. Shot on RED Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD). #19484833
HD 00:10 Woman tourist sitting at train and looking to mobil phone near the Eiffel tower at sunny day in Paris. Famous popular touristic place in the world.  #21529885

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