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100,152 Concrete Stock Footage, Videos und Clips sind in HD und 4K gebührenfrei verfügbar.

4K 00:12 Cheerful Girl and Happy Young Man with Long Hair are Actively Dancing Meme Moves on a Street next to an Urban Concrete Wall. They Wear Brown Leather Jacket and Coat. Sunny Day. #1024342517
HD 00:21 Pouring concrete mix on concreting formwork. Forming, an essential part of the entire building process. Before concrete can be poured, forms need to be built to hold the concrete in place. Slow Motion #23074690
4K 00:10 Happy Smiling Businessman Driving a Car through Streets of Night City. Shot on RED Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD). #19484287
4K 00:11 Happy Smiling Businessman Driving a Car. Shot on RED Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD). #19484833
4K 00:21 AERIAL, TOP DOWN: Dark colored car driving down an asphalt road crossing the vast forest on a sunny summer day. People on relaxing drive through the idyllic woods in picturesque Slovenian countryside. #1016302870
4K 00:12 Against the sun portrait of construction worker in helmet with shovel standing near the sand pile. Builder looking at camera and smiling at construction site, slow motion. #33847441
4K 00:11 Cheerful and Happy Businessman is Actively Dancing on a Street Next to an Urban Concrete Wall. He's Wearing a Grey Suit. Sunny Day. #1024862372
4K 00:13 Two young engineers walking through construction site , background big crane , they wearing safety equipment. red epic #1014527384
HD 00:28 SLOW MOTION: Young businesswoman going to work in the morning #3579872
4K 00:26 Opening gates with clearance #27093166
4K 00:09 Portrait of Attractive Smiling Male Teenager Outdoors in Urban Environment. Shot on RED Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD). #19857034
HD 00:27 Skateboarder does flip at sunset #5486102
4K 00:11 Curious young cute crazy black white Holstein cow on concrete path smelling and licking camera on green grass field sunny crisp blue sky background dairy cattle moving head fast up and down summer 4k #9711233
HD 00:39 Close up and slow motion shot of  carefully mixed concrete. Manual concrete  works with a shovel at construction site.  #16248775
HD 00:12 Lady hand touch fences made from concrete with beautiful sunlight at background. at harbour. slow motion. Feel comportable. Retrospect. good healthy. Bangpu. Samutprakan. Thailand #1023828163
4K 00:30 Timelapse of apartment windows at dusk to night. Nighttime time lapse of illuminated building windows at night with people living in flats with balcony in Shanghai, China. #17497837
HD 00:20 silhouette the group of workers working at a construction site.Construction workers work in preparation for binding rebar and concrete work #30693103
HD 00:13 Office building viewed in the evening. Time lapse #3148141
HD 00:28 Journey through a tunnel. Loopable. 4 colors. Cubic. High speed ride through a colorful tunnel. More colors in my portfolio. #11744990
4K 00:07 Exploding concrete wall crumbling and revealing a green screen.  #1014167030
4K 00:25 4K Building area. beautiful 3d animation. time-lapse #6265427
HD 00:12 New York City Manhattan street view with busy traffic along 42nd street time lapse #2379458
4K 00:39 Top View of Estaiada Bridge in Sao Paulo, Brazil #28347856
HD 00:16 High Angle Vertical approach to a Cities Resolution to Urban Living with Skyscrapers, Office blocks, and Apartments. New York, North America, USA #1280392
4K 00:21 Young handsome pensive business woman walks around modern urban area, with take away cup, dressed in colorful suit, drinking hot coffee, looking at sunlight and thinking about future, concrete wall #1026889070
4K 00:06 Walking on concrete : close-up view of man's leather shoes #16014553
HD 00:25 Construction Site At Sunset timelapse silhouette #3279509
HD 00:10 Construction workers laying concrete pavement on the street #1025728052
4K 00:09 attractive young business women using smart phone while commuting to work. city lifestyle portrait of successful female. commuters background  #13530623
4K 00:11 Timelapse Construction the buildings. Construction Process of Skyscraper  with cranes on the roof and clouds on a blue sky. Day to Night Time lapse 4K. #1012294463

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