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HD 00:26 Beautiful Ring of Fire Looped. HD 1080. Alpha channel. Outer. #9374882
HD 00:20 Plasma ring on a dark background. Animation. Abstract background. #17534983
HD 00:29 Tracking shot to the sun #13715114
4K 00:40 Ring Fire and Alpha #16672273
4K 00:20 Sun surface with enormous thermal energy. #1008075310
4K 00:10 Time Lapse of Dubrovnik, Croatia - The historic wall of Dubrovnik Old Town in Croatia is the prominent travel destination for tourist visiting Croatia. Dubrovnik was listed as UNESCO World Heritage. #1008279310
HD 00:15 The total solar eclipse of August 21st 2017 as seen from Casper, Wyoming, USA. #1012823708
HD 00:20 Plasma ring on a dark background. Animation. Abstract background. #17330149
HD 00:16 Newcastle City Bridges And Centre #23702548
HD 00:08 Time Lapse of Golden Temple at night in Amritsar, Punjab, India. 
The most prominent Sikh Gurdwara in the world at twilight #3341297
4K 00:13 Great American Eclipse.  Total Solar Eclipse.  Corona during totality.  Shot with GH4. #30178177
HD 00:11 POV shot along the Uffizi Gallery, a prominent art museum located next to the Piazza della Signoria in Florence, Tuscany, Italy. Florence is considered the birthplace of the Renaissance #1015981567
4K 00:19 Happy Young Women Pose For Fun Selfies On A Tour Boat Floating Down The River Seine In Paris, Eiffel Tower Prominent In Background #22180054
HD 00:18 Glenview Historic Neo-Classical Revival Style Mansion Lift Off Aerial #17862922
HD 00:23 Static Shot of a Long Stretch of Road in the Middle of the Death Valley with Prominent Radiating Heat on the Ground #2570684
4K 00:10 Zoom in on the Sun Star. Highly Realistic Animation in Stunning Detail - Ultra HD (4K)  #18419869
HD 00:15 A young girl swings on a swing set in a playground  Low angle with the sky shown prominently. #1068931
HD 00:19 Sun surface, protuberance. Transit of Venus or Mercury. 
Bright yellow solar flares are shining. 
Photosphere and corona are beautiful. Black starry sky on background. View in telescope. Planet orbit. #9052840
HD 00:19 Tyne Bridge In Cs And Pull Out To High Wide #23702581
HD 00:09 Old farmer walks in his land, Southern Lebanon. Southern Lebanon has featured prominently in the Israel-Lebanon conflict. #9360401
4K 00:06 Uffizi Gallery timelapse hyperlapse. It is prominent art museum located adjacent to Piazza della Signoria in central Florence, region of Tuscany, Italy. Night illumination #33387643
4K 00:07 Great American Total Solar Eclipse.  Shot with GH5 and Equatorial Mount.  #30182860
4K 00:09 Dubrovnik Old Town on coast of Adriatic Sea, Dalmatia, Croatia - Prominent travel destination of Croatia. Dubrovnik old town was listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Croatia in 1979. #1008536581
HD 00:30 Edited Wide Shot Of A Businessman Ascending The Stairs In Prominent Office Building #4934159
4K 00:08 Portugal Porto aerial panorama view  Beautiful sunser Dom Luis I bridge Vila Nova de Gaia  #35010184
4K 00:10 Portugal Porto aerial video Luis bridge Vila Nova de Gaia Monastetyda Serra do Pilar #35010190
HD 00:39 Reinhardsbrunn Castle #23663680
4K 00:13 Aerial of Belfry of Bruges in Dutch Belfort van Brugge is a medieval bell tower in the centre of Bruges Belgium and one of the citys most prominent symbols also showing market square in background 4k #1011994160
4K 00:10 Woman traveller travels in Split,Croatia with panoramic view of Split old town. Split is the second-largest city of Croatia and prominent travel destination for historic center of Croatia cultures. #1010428670
4K 00:21 Portugal Porto aerial video city centre bridges boat ship yacht 4k awesome #35051833

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