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4K 00:18 Cityscape of Paris. Aerial view of Eiffel tower in sunny day #1006814638
HD 00:14 rome aerial view at sunrise flying over vatican city #30063013
HD 00:20 New York City buildings, overhead aerial shot #4580135
HD 00:19 Drone flying over Old Havana, Cuba: Museum of the Revolution in Habana Vieja district. Aerial view of La Habana, Cuban capital city. Urban landscape from the sky with building, landmark, monument #27468211
4K 00:07 Hyperlapse Madero street downtown Mexico City. People walking in Madero street one of the most representative streets in Mexico. #28297072
4K 00:19 Washington, D.C. circa-2017, Aerial view of US Capitol building. Shot with Cineflex and RED Epic-W Helium. #28498666
HD 00:16 Drone flying over Havana, Cuba: Caribbean sea and Malecon promenade. Aerial view of La Habana skyline, Cuban capital city. Urban landscape seen from the sky with old buildings and ocean #27468196
4K 00:26 4k footage of Bosporus in the sun set having Galata tower in the middle.  Camera rotates around the Galata tower. #10461470
HD 00:29 Aerial shot of New York and Chrysler Building at night  #4657529
4K 00:20 fly over angkor wat 7 #24406805
4K 00:39 Angkor Wat temple of Cambodia, Siem Reap #24291992
4K 00:18 Angkor wat #24309740
4K 00:17 AERIAL, CLOSE UP: Flying next to beautiful colorful rows of flowering tulips on big floricultural farmland in front of traditional antique wooden windmill at Keukenhof gardens, Amsterdam, Netherlands #18401227
4K 00:18 Timelapse view of the Berlin Skyline near Alexanderplatz. Transition From Day to Night. 4K Timelapse sequence. #11465744
4K 00:22 fly over bayon temple 2 #24406709
4K 00:24 Colosseum in Rome and morning sun, Italy #33952264
HD 00:23 rome city aerial view at sunrise flying to vatican city #32069137
4K 00:09 Time lapse of Louvre at dusk.Paris, France #29384542
4K 00:17 Panoramic Aerial drone view of Buenos Aires obelisk on avenida de Julio in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Shows buildings and skyscrapers with car traffic in the Street below. #1020766822
4K 00:55 Aerial view of the Vasco da Gama bridge in Lisbon, Portugal. Top view of the longest bridge in Europe. #27332377
4K 00:06 BERLIN- GERMANY,,  Bundestag building by day. #25447961
4K 00:12 Washington, D.C. circa-2017, Aerial view of White House. Shot with Cineflex and RED Epic-W Helium. #28498378
HD 00:23 Aerial view of Rocinha, Brazil's largest favela, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil #4760645
4K 00:22 Washington, D.C. circa-2017, Aerial view of the Capitol Building in early morning light. Shot with Cineflex and RED Epic-W Helium. #28499164
4K 00:13 4K aerial drone video of a clock tower, castle, and ancient buildings in Edinburgh, Scotland during the morning #1010178302
HD 00:19 Aerial skyline of Barcelona from Tibidabo mountain #31431388
4K 00:26 Washington, D.C. circa-2017, Aerial approach to Washington Monument. Shot with Cineflex and RED Epic-W Helium. #28498492
4K 00:19 4K. Aerial view of huge roundabout and traffic lights at Victory Monument during the night time. Landmark of Bangkok, Thailand #1011352985
4K 00:28 Fly over the evening Madrid with a view of the house and the road #29422774
4K 00:36 Epic helicopter wide shot point of view AERIAL view of skyscrapers in the city and surrounding neighborhood communities in downtown Los Angeles, United States #10240334

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