An extreme close-up of a Chameleon's eye moving around. • Royalty Free Stock Photo

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Shutterstock ID 1058567968
Added September 6, 2020 (3 years ago)
Ratio 1.778
Duration 00:30
Aspect ratio 16:9
Adult NO
Low Resolution size (MOV) 426 x 240 px, 3.3 Mb, 30 FPS
Standard Definition size (MOV) 852 x 480 px, 11.2 Mb, 30 FPS
HD size (MOV) 1920 x 1080 px, 57.3 Mb, 30 FPS
Original UltraHD 4k size (APCN) 4096 x 2304 px, 2,422.6 Mb, 30 FPS

Categories: Animals/Wildlife

Amphibian Animal Animal eye Animal scales Animal wildlife Camouflage Chameleon Close-up Closeup Colorful Detail Dragon Exotic Extreme close-up Eye Eyes Green Iguana Lizard Macro Macro-photography Panther carnivore Pet Reptile Reptilian Scaly Skin Stereoscopic Textured Trioceros jacksonii Tropical Wildlife

An extreme close-up of a Chameleon's eye moving around. is royalty free stock photo by PepN Stock Footage.
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