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Shutterstock ID 1086861140
Added February 12, 2022 (6 months ago)
Ratio 1.778
Duration 00:18
Aspect ratio 16:9
Adult NO
Standard Definition MPEG size (MOV) 852 x 480 px, 2.0 Mb, 24 FPS
Low Resolution MPEG size (MOV) 426 x 240 px, 0.7 Mb, 24 FPS
Original HD size (AVC1) 1920 x 1080 px, 10.5 Mb, 24 FPS

Categories: Backgrounds/Textures Objects

Backgrounds Black Burn Danger Dark Digital Effect Erupting Fantasy Fashion Fire Fireworks Flame Flowing Fractal Future Futuristic Galaxy Geometric Glint Glitter Glowing Golden Heat Hot Kaleidoscope Laser Light Line Magic Medical Mist Nature Particles Party Plexus Red Reflector Sci-fi Seamless Smoky Space Sparks Wild Wildfire

Fire phoenix bird flying animation for intro is royalty free stock photo by yuda wijaya.
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