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HD 00:19 Portrait of amusing energetic guy 30s listening to music and dancing at home kitchen, while cooking breakfast omelet in slow motion #1009163006
HD 00:16 Portrait of two beautiful women dancing and singing at home kitchen using spoons, while cooking healthy breakfast with fresh vegetables and fruits slow motion #1009163000
HD 00:09 Close up of happy little child making colorful handsprint on the white wall with mother together. Slow motion 50fps #10112810
HD 00:17 Portrait of satisfied brunette woman wearing stylish coat and scarf, enjoying fresh cold air on nature with smile in slow motion. Film look #1007262979
HD 00:09 Barista pouring milk in coffee doing latte art #1029697007
HD 00:10 Portrait closeup of militant medieval knight wearing traditional steel armor and helmet, sword fighting in winter wood slow motion. Fantasy and reenactment #1008294757
HD 00:09 Extreme closeup portrait of hungry purebred puppy pug playing and licking transparent glass for fun, isolated over white background slow motion #1008311425
HD 00:16 Grandson helping grandfather to polish restored classic car in slow motion. Shot on Sony FS700 at frame rate of 50fps #7914637
HD 00:26 Cute little smiling child running along the beach with big happy healthy family on background and falling down .Slow motion 50Fps.  #10227725
HD 00:11 Slow motion sequence of father and son having fun on swing in park together, looking at camera.Shot on Sony FS700 at frame rate of 50fps #9154151
HD 00:12 Portrait of two caucasian people man and woman wearing house clothing dancing and having fun, while making breakfast at home kitchen slow motion #1009163012
HD 00:09 Portrait of beautiful woman with brown long hair wearing stylish coat and scarf taking deep breath, enjoying walk in city park in slow motion. Film look #1006900732
HD 00:22 Amazing cute happy child surprising, saying wow and rubbing color paint on his little hands on color handprints background 50fps" #10355165
HD 00:08 Hands gesture of two multiethnic men bumping fists closeup, isolated over white background in slow motion, friendship and greeting concept #1009808213
HD 00:10 Group of young friends enjoy a glass of wine at outdoor bar - they make a toast in slow motion.Shot on Sony FS700 at a frame rate of 50fps #7924657
HD 00:35 A little cute happy funny child painting color handprints on the white wall with smiling mother together and giving five by hands in print 50fps #10112807
HD 00:21 Portrait of pretty woman in colorful sportive overalls working out with small dumbbells, isolated over yellow background slow motion retro #1007182441
HD 00:20 Portrait of medieval warrior armed with steel weapon standing on one knee on winter nature, in slow motion. Reconstruction of ancient times #1008294781
HD 00:12 closeup slow motion side view silhouette of caucasian bald muscular guy drinking water from plastic bottle, after doing workout on nature with colourful sunrise background #31843825
HD 00:18 Two girls running into the ocean with their surfboards. Shot taken by a handheld gimbal in 50FPS. #13391222
4K 00:20 50fps USA seamless looping flag in 4k, alpha channel included. Beautiful detailed fabric waving in the wind. Slow motion in 25fps.  #1007530501
HD 00:33 A little cute happy child scaring by hands in colorful print and smiling on color handprints background in slow motion 50fps #10112816
4K 00:26 Baby boy 9m enjoying massage 50fps #8420893
HD 00:06 elder serene woman with white tied hair looking at camera smiling with hand on chest thanking over white background in slowmotion. Concept of emotions #32011351
4K 00:37 Locked shot of women washing hands throughly to avoid spread of Covid 19. Clean hygiene measures may help spread of infectious virus. Filmed in 10bit Pro Res 50fps. Set clip to 25fps for nice slo-mo. #1048349341
4K 00:32 Humpback Whale swimming and Passing beside The Camera, 4K footage with alpha channel (4096 x 2160 pixels)
also, this footage is 50FPS so you can slow it without any lack of frames #1046001685
HD 00:18 Portrait of happy african man having stylish afro hairdo and mustache dancing with arms while listening to music, isolated over white background slow motion. Concept of emotions #1012454807
HD 00:24 closeup picture of woman in sneakers standing on paving stone tapping feet with shadow of legs on wall background during sunny day cropped #31678369
HD 00:07 Cat walking and looking at the camera, in 50fps #4094080
HD 00:31 Winter snowfall. Snow Slow motion filmed at 50fps  outdoors on natural background.  Snowy weather during snowing winter day.Blurred abstract background. #33575938

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