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HD 00:09 Close up multinational group of people stack hands put palms together, united different ethnicity employees makes common business, students good warm relations, support, trust and teambuilding concept #1028137049
HD 00:21 Children with flashlight reading #6326189
HD 00:19 Close up view of hands assembling jigsaw puzzle on table, group of business people matching pieces playing board game, right decision making in business, help and support in teamwork concept #30848638
HD 00:08 Two Dolphins swimming in front of boat jumping, Slow Motion #1027455449
4K 00:30 20s woman sit at desk in front of laptop look at pc screen lively chatting with friend, listen tutor, interact through wireless headphones. Distant talk, job interview, study, video call event concept #1056179294
HD 00:07 Marathon runner training injury ankle twist #11217626
4K 00:22 Aerial view of two sloops at sundown are sailing boats with single mast and fore-and-aft rig plus one head-sail the most common setup of modern sailboats is the Bermuda-rigged configuration 4k quality #1027128272
HD 01:00 New Zealand dolphins playing in bow wave. GoPro footage of a pod of Common Dolphins swimming and playing and bumping each other, filmed in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand. Slow motion (half-speed). #25351244
HD 00:16 Static shooting of two youngsters searching lines in the book #6326219
4K 00:16 Tracking shot of group of four cheerful retired senior people, two men and two women, having fun sitting at table and playing bingo game together in nursing home #1037667410
HD 00:24 Side view hands of united diverse people taking part assembling white jigsaw puzzle, different ethnicity friends put pieces together search common solution, help support teamwork and synergy concept #1029333320
4K 00:21 Aerial top down dolly view of a tree lined cycling path in a park in South London #30698476
4K 00:11 nice mother gives an anterior kiss to her child before going to bed, gently hugs the child and cover her very sweetly with a blanket and turns off the lamp. 4K #31326982
HD 00:18 Construction Site in Bahrain with City Skyline on background. Cranes, vehicles and workers in movement, a very common scenario in Middle East. #14395969
4K 00:12 Two little friends siblings spend free time at home drawing with colorful pencils in sketchbook chatting enjoy common hobby and leisure activity. Kid development children education, friendship concept #1062718720
4K 00:09 Beautifull footage of Dolphins swimming in the Sea Catching forage fish, Beautifull footage of Dolphins, Pod of Dolphins  #1061749462
4K 00:10 Businesswomen look at laptop screen discuss project, sales result, make research of new data working in co-working area. Teamwork, brainstorm activity, busy workday of 3 professional employees concept #1058642053
4K 00:13 Wild cowslip, common cowslip or primrose Primula veris canescens blossom bloom inflorescence yellow endangered flower plant. Legally protected, herbaceous herba, flowering reserve steppe #1053210686
4K 00:22 2 pigeons sitting on a wooden bridge while preening themselves #1053184247
4K 00:17 Slow motion multi-ethnic co-workers gathered together working discuss current issues common tasks african team leader talks with colleagues  close up #1044789715
4K 00:12 many pigeons eat bread in the city square. pigeons as carriers of infections #1035107171
HD 00:09 Black garden ant activity. Also known as the common black ant. These insects usually live in colonies.  #1062742567
4K 00:15 Greater flameback woodpecker drilling bark tree finding food like insect in nature #1030673633
HD 00:16 Tracking shot of man and woman running together in park in slow motion #6380006
4K 00:12 4K Time lapse zoom out pond in Boston Public Garden near Boston Common Massachusetts with people boating #8796334
4K 00:08 Caucasian senior man having headache in retired home #16987219
HD 00:21 The brown Avena Sativa grains on the farm sometimes called the common oat is a species of cereal grain grown for its seed which is known by the same name. #1021721662
4K 00:15 Young married couple talking while preparing vegetable salad on domestic modern kitchen. Healthy lifestyle, routine activity together, harmonic relationships common hobby, vegetarian family concept #1056179036
4K 00:28 Beautifull footage of Dolphins swimming in the Sea Catching forage fish, Beautifull footage of Dolphins, Pod of Dolphins  #1061749456
4K 00:22 Vermicompost (vermi-compost), Lumbricus terrestris, the common European earthworm moving in the ground #1059273095

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