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4K 00:36 Young beautiful Caucasian woman walking in a traditional Emirati dress - abaya in Empty Quarter desert landscape. Abu Dhabi, UAE. #1008054997
4K 00:12 School kids counting with fingers at an elementary school #28049509
4K 00:26 Elementary school kids chasing football in a field #28048990
4K 00:29 Big Sun with Clouds sunrise timelapse #1031801507
4K 00:20 Elementary school kids running and waving to camera outdoors #28048963
4K 00:30 Animation of the night to day transition on Planet Earth. Elements of this media furnished by NASA.
4K 00:17 Slow motion side view of one joyful young African woman laughing looking at camera smile in Chengdu China Asia street. delight happy black Fashionable Joyful young woman real happy people 4k portrait  #1028029664
4K 00:19 Highly detailed epic sunrise world skyline. Planet earth Europe zone with night time city from space. 3D Rendering animation using satellite imagery (NASA) #17321767
4K 00:11 Sunrise view from space on Planet Earth. Africa and America zone. World rotating on its axis in black Universe in stars. High detailed 4k 3D Render animation. Elements of this image furnished by NASA #30215935
4K 00:16 Beautiful landscape of the Namib Desert under the wing of the aircraft at sunset. Flying on a plane over the desert is one of the most popular tourist attractions #1031053730
HD 00:40 3D Animation. Dots connecting line, dots makes global world map, internet of things.2. #28080601
4K 00:26 Climate emergency.Spectacular high aerial fly over view of a grass fire in the Okavango Delta, caused by drought and climate change, Southern Africa #1039131386
4K 00:13 This stock video features an aerial drone shot from right featuring a waterfall. This waterfall in a Hawaiian jungle is surrounded by an assortment of palm trees ending into a pond. #1010613566
4K 00:12 Cheetah Running Super Slow Motion Front View #1031720207
4K 00:27 Real time shot of splash of freshwater falling on poor man's hands against barren and dry farmland. Clean drinking water splashing on hands of the poor rural man in a drought affected area #1011383471
HD 00:12 Couple driving convertible car cabriolet cape town south africa steadicam shot with flare #5785796
HD 00:26 aerial landscape of egypt pyramid. historical building. #1009632797
4K 00:20 Earth zoom to Africa. Available in 4K Ultra HD. #5234198
HD 00:30  "Time lapse of  big sunrise over desert with visible inferior mirage" #8264245
HD 00:06  Flare and light rays in the souk of Marrakech Morocco where people sell typical and traditional home made commodities moving forward #1008505381
4K 00:44 Aerial view on big sand dunes in Sahara desert at sunrise, Africa, 4k #1009492673
HD 00:20 Flying backwards over picturesque sand dunes in the Arabian desert #12046013
4K 00:29 Aerial view of sea waves, umbrellas, green palms on the sandy beach at sunset. Summer in Zanzibar, Africa. Tropical landscape with palm trees, people, parasols, sand, blue water. Top view from air #1030914143
HD 00:23 sunrise in Tar desert India - timelapse #4908545
HD 00:15 Logistic concept #4833518
4K 00:25 4K close-up view of a small group of European White Storks, Cattle Egrets and African Sacred Ibis scavenge for food on a landfill dump site #1025548085
4K 00:23 Aerial: Wide and Closeup variety of shots showing harvesting machine cutting down ripe sugarcane crop ready to be transported and refined. Sustainable Biofuel and Organic food concept. #1038082064
HD 00:13 Children, teens and young people playing barefoot Muzica in a simple field 
simple life #1024951265
HD 00:18 Earth view from space LOOP. North side and north pole changes from day to night while rotate. A layer of clouds could be seen. Alpha chanel at the end of video footage. #4479902
HD 00:41 Small speed boat going out to sea at sunrise with large cargo ships in the distance. #5268977

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