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HD 00:09 Close up multinational group of people stack hands put palms together, united different ethnicity employees makes common business, students good warm relations, support, trust and teambuilding concept #1028137049
4K 00:15 Happy diverse businessmen designers give high five during team corporate brainstorm, african group leader and caucasian partner coworker celebrate good successful teamwork result at company briefing #1037121257
HD 00:06 Happy successful multiethnic business team give high five sit at table, motivated diverse executives group engaged in teambuilding celebrate good teamwork result achieved corporate goals concept #1032911195
HD 00:15 Business people signing the contracts together concluding the deal by a firm handshake #2591144
HD 00:06 Happy motivated successful team put join hands up together, five partners giving high-five sitting at conference table in office, expressing unity in business, promising help and support in teamwork #30610975
4K 00:24 Having A Job Interview #19228813
HD 00:27 Happy and enthusiastic business team of mixed ages and ethnicity are seated around a conference table for a business meeting. They reach across the table to shakes hands with one another. Slow motion. #4375133
4K 00:15 4K Business associates in the printing industry shake hands on a deal #21974749
HD 00:15 Appointment between a businesswoman and a businessman in the office #967171
HD 00:11 Successful Business Executives Shaking Hands With Each Other.  Business people shaking hands after the meeting. Business handshake between collaborators in the modern office. #10287644
4K 00:15 Midsection shot of afro-american entrepreneur in formalwear signing contract and giving handshake to male business partner while sitting together at office table #1057081097
4K 00:16 Young business partners sitting at round table in cafe and working on project #29583277
HD 00:26 Businessman came to the employees and talking to them #1064026
HD 00:09 European and black businessmen stands in co-working office discuss document contract details finish talk shaking hands, client and executive manager effective meeting, synergy working together concept #1034756150
HD 00:10 Happy overjoyed business team give high five celebrate successful contract, corporate victory professional triumph good teamwork result profit in financial report sit at office table at group meeting #1034217716
4K 00:10 Happy mature caucasian company leader boss check work plan on notepad and digital tablet handshake african young female employee business partner make agreement shake hands stand at office window #1036285055
HD 00:11 Conceptual video of business people shaking hands in agreement #6722431
4K 00:06 Happy multiracial business people with older mentor leader stack hands together at group meeting celebrate corporate victory, help in teamwork partnership leadership, building successful team concept #1037333570
HD 00:19 Happy and enthusiastic business team of mixed ages and ethnicity are seated around a conference table for a business meeting. They reach across the table to shakes hands with one another. Slow motion. #4375211
4K 00:22 Senior male executive manager greeting colleague with handshake, checking documents in file, smiling and talking with man during office workday #1056733859
HD 00:29 Young African-American man looking through the contract and asking his partner to clarify some clauses #2151095
4K 00:30 Water drops attract each other, create splash and merge into big drop. Close up. Concept of unity, solidarity, integration, team building, friendship, family, M&A. PNG, alpha channel, 3d render, 4K #1010582756
HD 00:09 Close Up Of Businesspeople Shaking Hands At Desk.  Close up of business executives shaking hands in an office. Business associates shaking hands in office. Business deal. #10287668
4K 00:15 Businessman signs a document. Business deal. Signing of the contract. Signing of agreements. #13575725
HD 00:21 Close-up of two business people shaking hands to conclude the deal #2288870
4K 00:33 shaking hands after interview #19228816
4K 00:09 Close up selective focus shot of handshake of two multiethnic business partners in formalwear during meeting in the office. #1057012790
4K 00:12 Diverse male partners talking handshaking standing in office hallway, satisfied african american business man shaking hand of caucasian colleague thanking for help advice meeting in company corridor #1034098895
HD 00:13 Interview between a businessman and a woman in an office #967270
HD 00:21 Team of professionals seated around a conference table for a business meeting in a stylish conference room. Could be a business group or a team of lawyers trying to come to an agreement. Slow motion. #4375139

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