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HD 00:15 Top view of person hand stirring coffee with spoon #1025627474
HD 00:18 Barista makes pattern in coffee     #3660287
HD 00:08 Blast of steam on coffee machine    #3640334
HD 00:27 Barista makes two coffees in coffee bar      #3640316
HD 00:15 Cup of Coffee. Stirring with spoon.
Close up of a beautiful coffee. Stirring with spoon.
SD 01:59 1960s - Silent unedited footage of police and military officials response to the 1967 Detroit Riots. #3930521
HD 00:09 Full Cup of Coffee. Slow Motion Close Up.
Close up of a beautiful coffee. Ready to serve. Form slowly moving on top. 
HD 00:06 Barista prepares coffee in a cafe-bar, coffee grains #24863645
HD 00:12 Handheld shot of Barista making coffee     #3640313
4K 00:15 A view of Revolutionary War era piper playing bagpipes #26614202
HD 00:21 Fencing action v.1-19 #13376630
HD 00:10 WW1 War Memorial.
World War I memorial with Canadian flag in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada. Designed by Canadian sculptor, George William Hill and unveiled on July 16, 1925. 
4K 00:09 Blast of Steam on Professonal Coffee Machine. Barista Working in Coffeeshop. 4K, Slowmotion. #1009263932
4K 00:10 Inserts large-caliber bullets into the machine-gun belt. Close up. A lot of bullets and ammunition.  #1056379754
4K 00:06 Stop motion of a rotating succulent plant on pink background  #1008738503
HD 00:30 Espresso brewing from a professional machine #681274
HD 00:22 Fencing action v.1-21 #13376636
4K 00:12 A view of an angry Revolutionary War era British commander #26614220
4K 00:11 A view of British Revolutionary War army marching #26614871
4K 00:10 A view of British Revolutionary War soldiers being inspected #26614874
HD 00:25 Barista makes coffees in coffee bar. Barista whips the milk and adds it to the espresso. dark scene with a contour light, coffee particles fly into the air #1012708328
HD 00:26 Stir the hot coffee in a cup with a spoon. slow motion, 1920x1080, full hd #1008602587
SD 01:38 1960s - Silent unedited footage of police and military officials response to the 1967 Detroit Riots. #3930476
4K 00:37 Close up of barista preparing espresso shot at professional coffee machine, blows smoke. Concept hipster or millenial job or career, smal buciness owner or downtown cafe #33880138
HD 00:07 WWI reenactors take part at a military parade 
HD 00:15 found a German bayonet. echoes of war. found weapons. military knife  #31076077
HD 00:16 Barista makes coffee in coffee bar     #3640325
4K 00:12 A view of a Revolutionary War commander confering with soldier #26614481
HD 00:57 CIRCA 1910s - 37th Division troops convene and mill about and relax and pose and eat during the Ypres-Lys Operation in World War 1. #1016277379
4K 00:16 Top view of person mixes sugar in morning coffee with a spoon #1055226068

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