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33,683 Birch stock footage, videos, and clips are available royalty-free in HD and 4K.

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4K 00:27 Green Jungle Trees and Palms Against Blue Sky and Shining Sun. Travel Vacation Nature Concept. Look Up View in Tropical Forest Background. 4K Slowmotion Steadycam Footage. Bali, Indonesia. #1025545688
4K 00:50 4K Aerial view camera moves rising up from summer green forest of dense mixed tree tops of pine trees and birches #17937022
HD 00:11 summer birch woods alley in Russia - dolly shot #5288321
HD 00:12 top of summer birch trees with sun shining - dolly shot #4209640
4K 00:50 Walking through the autumn forest - view of the tops of deciduous trees. UltraHD 4k footage #24465929
4K 00:12 Driving plate green mixed forest on summer sunny day side view from fast moving car #1015520389
4K 00:23 Green Forest Trees Against Blue Sky and Summer Sun. Looking Up From Car Window. 4K Slowmotion Motion Shot. Bali, Indonesia. #1022762593
HD 00:32 morning in the forest. the sun's rays pass through trees #7244416
HD 00:17 morning in a birch forest #2759294
4K 00:10 Smiling Pizza Delivery Guy Delivers Two Pizzas. Sunny Autumn with Yellow Birches and Pines is on the Background. Shot on RED Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD). #21531478
HD 00:28 Little girl painting a dream home in the park #2299199
HD 00:12 summer birch woods alley in Russia - dolly shot #4209676
HD 00:15 Nature background. Beautiful Sun shine through the blowing on wind tree green leaves. Blurred abstract bokeh with sun flare. Sunlight. Sunflare. Slow motion. #1037088497
HD 00:50 Snow begins to fall in birch forest #25652258
4K 00:49 4K aerial flight above winding road cutting through thick deciduous forest in bright autumn colors #1013773697
HD 00:30 Aerial View. Flying over the beautiful forest trees. Aerial camera shot. Landscape panorama. #2707922
HD 00:30 Burning Wood In The Fireplace
4K 00:20 Top view aerial flight over small lake of perfectly round shape. Moving up, clear turquoise water of pond surrounded by trees and plants. Untouched nature on summer day #1056987611
4K 00:19 winter forest and sun, 4K timelapse #5388413
4K 00:30 Time-lapse of blooming birch tree branch with opening leaves buds with alpha transparency channel , isolated with black and white luminance matte, perfect for film, digital composition #16838485
4K 00:30 Scenic Aerial of Autumn Colors, Trees, Forests.
4K 00:12 Looking down on amazing green forest jungle of Ireland, Britian, Scotland and Europe.  Spring and Summer,  #30374869
HD 00:30 Walking through Forest Path by River in Alaska #3116677
4K 00:24 Birch branch blooming. 4k time lapse, with alpha channel (alpha with black background). #17372689
4K 00:36 4K HD Aerial view flying over green wood of mixed tree tops â?? camera zooming into dense forest area with spruce birches and pine trees
4K 00:36 Nature clear blue sky background with fresh first spring foliage of trees as natural frame. Real time 4K video footage. #1031043722
4K 00:30 Aerial video of Indianapolis in Indiana. #11876255
4K 00:10 Delivery Man Takes Cardboard Boxes Out of His Cargo Van. In a Suburban Area. Sunny Autumn with Yellow Birches and Pines is on the Background. Shot on RED Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD). #21531454
4K 00:36 Fly agaric Amanita muscaria toadstools growing. 2 mushrooms growing on woodland floor over 3 days. The poisonous fungi with its red and white cap are also called fairy tale toadstools.  Hallucinogenic #1040460731
HD 00:36 Looping 3D realistic tree isolated on white with alpha channel to be used for architecture visualization or motion graphics or any other video. #24159559

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