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4K 00:27 Green Jungle Trees and Palms Against Blue Sky and Shining Sun. Travel Vacation Nature Concept. Look Up View in Tropical Forest Background. 4K Slowmotion Steadycam Footage. Bali, Indonesia. #1025545688
4K 00:25 Flying through the clouds above mountain tops. High peaks wonderful morning sunrise natural Landscape #1019453455
4K 00:24 Magical mountain forest with the trees growing on hills . Warm sunbeams illuminating the trunks and lovely plants. Gimbal shot with parallax effect. #32083633
HD 00:14 The rays of the sun make their way through the green leaves of the trees. Live texture with green leaves and breaking sun rays. #1016557384
HD 00:13 snow falling at the fir trees branches
4K 00:15 Spring flowers opening. Beautiful Spring Apricot tree blossom open timelapse, extreme close up. Time lapse of Easter fresh pink blossoming apricot closeup. Blooming backdrop on black 4K UHD video #1029207101
4K 00:08 Flowers Cherry flowering. White flower sakura. Timelapse. Tree flowering. Nature. #32171149
HD 00:13 A top-down plan. Fully visible the table with the decorations. Female hands put and finalize Christmas gift wrapped in craftool paper on a wooden table. Bandaging tape and tied in a bow. #31854595
4K 00:18 Beautiful autumn morning in the forest #1022068600
4K 00:21 sloth yawning sleeping on a branch costa rica #24790583
4K 00:23 Sunrise in the misty forest. Marvelous view of flying over pine forest in the morning. There is magical fog all the way to the horizon. Aerial shot, 4K #1020817987
4K 00:20 Bottom up view of lush green foliage of trees with afternoon sun. Walking through the forest with large green trees. Summer background, UHD, 4K #1053780398
4K 00:12 Looking up in forest, POV through tops of trees, sun shines through foliage #1012352672
HD 00:26 Pollen flying in air over green trees background. Charming beautiful green nature background. #18479152
HD 00:18 closeup the motion of shadows leaf with blowing wind on a white wall background. #1017379468
4K 00:05 Chameleon moving big eye while looking around and moving slowly on tree branch. Detailed close up view of colorful and vivid textured skin #1006717177
4K 00:16 Sun rays emerging though the green tree branches. Magical forest with warm sunbeams illuminating green oak tree. Gimbal high quality shot #1054727693
4K 00:10 Woman Pick an Apple #31087765
4K 00:24 shadow of leaf branch , small leaf in wind on the wall background , 4k Dci resolution #1025830688
HD 00:28 Video 1080p - Crowns of trees with bright afternoon sun and rays. #7040746
HD 00:24 Hammock and palm trees on the beach #15457051
4K 00:14 The child and adult hands planting a tree. slow motion #1039207886
HD 00:30 blossoming apple orchard, shooting slider #5162195
HD 00:22 beautiful autumn forest with sun shining - dolly shot #4908536
HD 00:07 autumn forest, timelapse panorama #4913375
4K 00:16 Rotate and Looking up shot on Devil Tree, Alstonia scholaris tree, POV view. Beautiful Sun's rays through tops of trees, sun shines through foliage.  #1031340962
HD 00:18 Looping Cinemagraph macro of green leaf background #1036835717
HD 00:20 maple leaves at sunset background #4383743
HD 00:19 Beautiful natural green sunshine bokeh background. Blurry fresh summer foliage of maple trees in backlight of sunset cozy shining sun with sunflares and sunbeams. Real time full hd video footage. #29936623
HD 00:35 The growth of young green plants time lapse isolated #4339865

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