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4K 00:13 Funny hot dog character dances vigorously on the blue background. Seamless looping animation, 3D render. #1008148414
4K 00:13 Funny overweight man doing crunches with great effort on mat, losing weight. Plump male struggling to do sit-up exercise, home workout program, healthy lifestyle, dieting. Weak muscles sportsman
4K 00:12 Rotating strawberry ice cream in cone with chocolate sauce #33330379
4K 00:09 Happy young woman preparing vegetable meal searching checking online vegan recipe in smartphone, smiling vegetarian girl cooking healthy food salad using mobile cookbook menu apps in modern kitchen #1037333471
4K 00:10 beautiful woman with afro eating burger in restaurant enjoying delicious juicy hamburger mouth watering meal african american female having lunch 4k #1034053604
HD 00:13 Close-up of a slice of bacon fried on a hot bacon fry in a pan #1027322429
4K 00:10 drawn marker pixel burger glitch cartoon handmade animation seamless loop lcd screen background ... New quality universal vintage stop motion dynamic animated colorful joyful cool video footage #33143785
HD 00:10 Smiling women greedily eating tasty pizza, fast food addiction, unhealthy diet #1023101023
4K 00:14 Adding salt on french fries. Shot with high speed camera, phantom flex 4K. Slow Motion. #1011040595
HD 00:07 Chocolate falling in chocolate sauce. Slow motion. #1009809776
4K 00:08 TOP VIEW: Eating a layer cake on a yellow background - Stop motion #24728777
HD 00:11 Fried potato chips falling down from top, fast food background texture pattern with alpha channel. French fries on red background. #27748528
4K 00:11 Strawberry background.  Red ripe organic strawberries on market counter. UHD, 4K #23627422
4K 00:32 Chocolate. Mixing melted liquid premium dark chocolate with a whisk. Close up of liquid hot chocolate swirl. Confectionery. Confectioner prepares dessert, sauce. 4K UHD video, slow motion 120 fps #1012560494
HD 00:17 French Fries or Chips Floating in the Air Flying in Slow Motion on Black Background at 1500 fps 1080 version #1043622655
4K 00:13 close-up, man eats, fast food, chicken nuggets, wings and french fries. #32164828
4K 00:21 White Chocolate. Pouring melted liquid premium milk white chocolate. Close up of molten liquid hot chocolate swirl. Confectionery. Confectioner prepares dessert, icing. 4K UHD video #1014585155
4K 00:16 Man feet walking outdoors. Futuristic fitness tracker app. Augmented Reality Interface with Health Data of burned calories, heart rate, run distance, foot steps counter. First person. Hologram display #1043888332
4K 00:07 Woman with chopsticks eats sushi. Lady tasting sushi rolls. Better than I expected. Excellent taste of japanese food. #16810966
4K 00:19 Businesswoman working on laptop computer at home office. Portrait of thoughtful girl eating cake on domestic kitchen. Pretty business woman using laptop on kitchen in slow motion #1046729248
4K 00:27 Super Slow Motion Shot of Pouring Meldet Chocolate at 1000fps. #1028079041
HD 00:29 Cook fries broccoli in a pan. Flying vegetables. Cooking on fire and coal. Slow motion #1054045100
HD 00:20 Fitness App displaying workout data on tablet screen time-lapse. Digital tablet linked with fitness machine displaying distance, burning calories, time and heart rate. #27090670
4K 00:06 food delivery courier gloves leaving grocery bag in front door #1049685532
HD 00:11 Macro shot of pouring milk in slow motion in front of black background. #1026887339
4K 00:11 African american woman in sportswear doing workout burning fat calories training strength practicing effort domestic fitness females aerobics sport fit at home slow motion #1054862261
4K 00:28 Sprinkles falling onto donut in slow motion; shot on Phantom Flex 4K at 1000 fps #8988004
4K 00:07 Beef Burger rotating on the table on a black background. #1013704019
4K 00:41 fat man doing gymnastics for losing weight at home on mat on floor watching tutorial video on laptop. Overweight guy doing yoga exercises at home. #1046488777
4K 00:30 Fat man eats chicken nuggets, harmful and tasty fast food, close up #1012395377

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