Cholesterol Footage and Stock Videos

17,942 Cholesterol stock footage, videos, and clips are available royalty-free in HD and 4K.

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HD 00:13 Close-up of a slice of bacon fried on a hot bacon fry in a pan #1027322429
4K 00:19 Smiling young woman volunteer showing hands sign heart shape looking at camera. Healthy heart health life insurance, love and charity, voluntary social work, organ donation concept, close up portrait. #1049522470
4K 00:09 Spreading Butter on Fresh Artisan Rye Bread Slice with a Knife Close up of a Palm on a Wooden Table with Sunshine and Sun Flares Shot on Red Epic #1045038649
4K 00:30 Red Blood Cells Moving in the Blood Stream, in an Artery. 3D Animation of Hemoglobin Cells Traveling Through a Vein. #1007798656
HD 00:17 Beautiful Girl Eats Burger on the Street in Chicago. Tasty Burger . Beautiful Girl Savors Burger #18369499
HD 00:23 Cube of butter melting sizzling browning in non stick pan skillet in slow motion, preparation for cooking #15590482
HD 00:09 Pet foods falling slow motion. #26782411
4K 00:09 Female shopper reading nutritional information on a box of crackers.  #22549714
HD 00:10 Young people eat burgers and fries on the street #6921064
4K 00:08 Close focus on process of making small tiny burgers with smoked pork meat in small outdoor kitchen with catering for private party. Handheld shot #28567378
HD 00:26 Girl eating chicken wings, high calorie food and health risks, cholesterol #1023107221
HD 00:18 Vegetable diet nutrition and medication concept. Nutritionist offers healthy vegetables diet. #33492202
4K 00:09 Cooking eggs in a frying pan. Time Lapse. Top view. #20045515
HD 00:13 Young Woman Choosing Meat in Supermarket #17234644
HD 00:30 Macro closeup chef putting melted cheese on top of the french fries chips with chilli con carne sauce - video in slow motion #1009666907
HD 00:28 Slow motion shot of extra virgin olive oil being poured out a clear glass bottle #19727977
HD 00:53 Video of egg being dropped on hot pan #23896972
4K 00:09 Closeup Of Healthy Organic Vegan Salads With Superfoods. #1016722378
HD 00:10 Plaque clogged artery. Digital animation. #3671768
4K 00:13 Man Chef cooking for breakfast, turning an amazing crispy bacon, rich in fat and colour, sizzling and smoking in a hot pan. #1028814194
HD 00:30 blood clot in coronary artery #17569876
4K 00:08 Sliced pieces of butter on wooden background #17769016
HD 00:19 Fast-food restuarant fries #1976851
HD 00:21 Beautiful Girl Eats Burger on the Street in Chicago. Tasty Burger . Beautiful Girl Savors Burger #17946271
4K 00:16 Piece of butter melts on hot corn with blazing fire in the background. Tasty young sweet corn. Slow motion video #1045892572
4K 00:13 3D animation close-up Intestinal villi. Intestine lining. Microscopic villi and capillary. Human intestine. Concept of a healthy or diseased intestine. #1010134949
HD 00:12 SLOW: A donut falls on a black table and turn (top view) #16537030
HD 00:14 Nanobot finds and removes forming cholesterol plaque, abstract conceptual 3d animation. full HD 1080 #22881952
HD 00:12 Cube of Butter Melting Sizzling Browning in Non Stick Pan Skillet in Slow Motion, Preparation for Cooking - 50 FPS #30949864

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