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4K 00:20 Young Entrepreneur Walkling Toward City Sky Scrapers Dubai Urban Panorama Futuristic Digital Nomad Night Downtown Slow Motion Red Epic 8k #1027882880
4K 00:20 Handsome young man, is super connected to friends and family chats and texts on smartphone using messaging application, scrolls through feed on his cellphone, stays connected and up to date #31968355
HD 00:15 Funny happy young woman singing while listening to loud music in headphones sitting at office desk with laptop surrounded by diverse colleagues, lazy worker wasting time at workplace in co-working #31351972
HD 00:18 Tired businessman working late at night, he is overwhelmed by work and his desk is filled with paperwork, work overtime and deadlines concept #1007116468
4K 00:07 Crowded education forum of trading corporation. Professional businesspeople view cooperation workshop for success leadership on chairs row. Adult beautiful listener or white collar indoors room center #1020788575
4K 00:15 group of young asian entrepreneurs discussing business in company meeting room #1036633289
4K 00:22 A playful handsome guy in a pink T-shirt and blue leggings is engaged in fitness depicting a girl. Slow motion #28878226
4K 00:22 group of young asian entrepreneurs discussing business in company meeting room #1036633322
4K 00:16 Attractive and handsome young man with beautiful smile and hipster millennial generation z looks, scrolls through social media feed on smartphone, giggles and smiles from news on applications #32029981
4K 00:11 Happy Smiling Businessman Driving a Car. Shot on RED Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD). #19484833
HD 00:11 The man in his glasses speaks on the phone fluttering the book interior design. Something is looking for. Design Business. Enthusiastic. Design, abstract. Shot on RED Epic Camera. #31330261
HD 00:09 Angry mature businessman sitting at desk and hitting his outdated old computer #1039230461
4K 00:10 unload cargo for air freight logistic #25651715
4K 00:25 Silhouette of mature short haired man dressed in long coat with straight collar walking along dark corridor towards empty bright room with white dusty walls and big arched windows. #1016349040
4K 00:19 Medium panning low angle shot of workers installing solar panel on roof / Mapleton, Utah, United States #22769671
4K 00:17 Close-up beauty portrait of young woman with smooth healthy skin, she gently touches her face with her fingers on light grey background and smiles | Skincare concept #1027606286
HD 00:14 Man putting on shirt standing by window at home, slow motion
4K 00:14 Funny joke. Young businessman have a smartphone talking. Goof stupid competitor running and giving kick ass to suit clothes man and runs away. Businessman overtake rival. Glossy business centre #17526178
HD 00:06 Cloned Businessmen (Loop). #23851234
HD 00:14 Open business office with busy staff members. High quality HD video footage #4493552
4K 00:15 group of four young asian business people men and woman meeting discussing in office #1033672841
HD 00:08 Baby boy with phone and baby girl in glasses with tablet PC sit on chairs #8215402
4K 00:14 businessman meeting visiting client at elevator hall #27677398
4K 00:26 Young woman working in a call center using a headset #14171060
HD 00:16 Man conducts legal research in library  #4323452
HD 00:06 Close up of Man’s Hands Holding Modern Smartphone. Businessman Walking while Typing on his Mobile Phone. Luxury Wristwatch on Man’s Arm in the Foreground. Classical Black Suit.Business Lifestyle. #1014805127
HD 00:09 Portrait of Worker on Factory on background #35040418
4K 00:06 two young asian businessmen discussing business in office using desktop computer #1033245518
HD 00:13 Young Man Draws A  Sketch In The Office #18066496
4K 00:25 4k, A group of multi ethnic business colleagues brainstorming together at a glass wall. #15928120

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