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HD 00:31 Sirloin aged prime rare roast isolated grilling pork filet with stripes slow motion. Close up blurred concept of chief cooked oil unhealthy, but very satisfying protein tasty burger in casual bar #32268283
4K 00:23 Chef salt grilled meat at stone cutting board. Closeup man hands salting steak in slow motion. Close up hands finishing ready steak. Closeup grill meat dish with vegetables at professional kitchen. #1029702131
HD 00:07 Extreme Close Up view of a Hand Seasoning Cooked piece of Meat in a Bright Light. Chef Accompanying Steak with Garlic, Rosemary, Pepper, Salt. Delicious, Modern Cuisine, Exclusive Recipe. 120 fps. #32709067
4K 00:10 Portrait of a Beautiful Young Woman Eating Delicious Looking Pasta on the Plate. Profesionally Cooked Pasta Dish in the Restaurant or Romantic Dinner Meal at Home. Cozy Candle Light #1050644746
4K 00:23 Throwing spaghetti pasta into water. Overhead shot. Shot with high speed camera, 4K. Slow Motion. #1015532920
HD 00:45 Slow motion close-up of a person slicing a pepperoni pizza into multiple slices with a pizza cutter #18943379
HD 00:12 Aged prime rare roast grilling tenderloin fresh juicy beef filet with lines slow motion. Closeup blur macro concept of person cooked unhealthy satisfying hamburgers outdoors for friends picnic party #32268286
HD 00:28 SLOW MOTION FOOD: large grains of pepper fall on juicy grilled filet mignon close up #24250295
HD 00:19 Foodvideo footage shot in slow motion. Cheese is being grated on the plate of freshly-cooked Italian pasta. Chef grating hard cheese. Cooking seafood pasta. Shot in hd #1040891384
4K 00:18 Fragrant coffee beans are roasted in a frying pan, smoke comes from coffee beans. The whole composition scrolls slowly around the camera. Scoop stir coffee beans. #1021452235
4K 00:12 Female Taking Photo of Fast Food Using Mobile Phone in Vegan Restaurant. 4K Slowmotion Flatlay Food Photography on Wooden Table in American Diner. Bali, Indonesia. #1025545676
4K 00:17 Super slowmotion footage of throwing fresh prawns and seasoning on ignited pan, 1000fps 4k #1022667829
HD 00:17 Carving the Thanksgiving turkey #32058439
4K 00:17 Sauce Cooking Red Tomato in a Boiling Pan and Stir Close up #1019450668
4K 00:30 Mixed american barbecue food on hot grill. Hamburgers, hotdogs, corn being grilled. Tasty composition. Outdoor party. #1030881299
HD 00:13 Close-up of a slice of bacon fried on a hot bacon fry in a pan #1027322429
HD 00:33 Picanha #5251949
4K 00:11 Portrait of a Beautiful Young Woman Eating Delicious Looking Pasta on the Plate. Profesionally Cooked Pasta Dish in the Restaurant or Romantic Dinner Meal at Home. Cozy Candle Light #1050794014
HD 00:21 Scooping a spoonful of mashed sweet potatoes
4K 00:10 Slow motion of middle aged chef mixing salsa of fried meat fillet with wooden spoon in a pan in a restaurant kitchen (close up) #10123421
4K 00:11 hand of a chef puts a basil leaf on top of the pasta dish finished before serving in the restaurant customers. Restaurant concept, food, quality, nature. #19860967
4K 00:16 Grilled chicken. Grilled chicken legs, drumsticks with addition garlic, lemon and rosemary on grill plate. Grill food, 4K #1029151586
HD 00:30 Close Up of Chef is spreading Tomato Sauce on Pizza Dough with a Metal Ladle in Traditional Italian Pizza's Restaurant. Cooking traditional Sauce for Italian Pizza. Italian Food. Pizza's Making. #1054570112
HD 00:28 Close up view of a man chef cooking italian pizza. The process of making pizza at table . Fresh dough on kitchen table. Cooking at home during isolation period, pandemic 2020. Stay home concept #1045260718
HD 00:09 Food Pancake Maple syrup pouring onto stack of pancakes. Making Pumpkin Pancakes on Frying Pan. Homemade Griddle Cakes #28092952
HD 00:17 French Fries or Chips Floating in the Air Flying in Slow Motion on Black Background at 1500 fps 1080 version #1043622655
HD 00:14 Cooking beef and pork patty for burger. Meat roasted at kitchen. Slow motion. #1043334373
4K 00:16 cinemagraph of skewers of meat with vegetables cooked on a spit in a pan #24088150
4K 00:21 Cheese on pizza melts from oven heat. Baking, Time Lapse 4k #33993511
HD 00:30 Boiling pot, boiling oil fried food #34014148

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