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4K 00:24 Camargue, France animal horses wild white livestock sunset running rider cowboy water Mediterranean nature tourism travel RED DRAGON #12327599
HD 00:15 A domestic pet has taken on a home. Torn documents on white floor. Pet care abstract photo. Small guilty dog with funny face. #1005604420
4K 00:15 Slow motion close up of an young male farmer is pouring a fresh milk to filling a can on a dairy farm on a background  of the cows in a sunny day. #1035900368
4K 00:12 Close up. A portrait of a labrador dog being caressed by a teen girl. View of hands and a dog. Green grass background. POV #32979487
HD 00:18 Adorable small dog Jack Russell terrier dancing  jumping want to  play. excited impatience. Active crazy friend pet running for the blue disk toy. seamless endless looped video #22953046
4K 00:11 Funny cute Pomeranian Spitz dog puppy riding on a longboard skateboard outdoors. 4K UHD RAW edited footage #29068489
4K 00:15 Puppies of golden retriever playing on the grass in a beautiful garden on a sunny day #17223499
HD 00:13 cute dog shake his head #9042448
4K 00:16 Cleaning floor with cute cat in slow motion 4K. Person point of view of British breed cat on the stick in focus while sliding on home floor cleaning dust. Cat doesn't care. #33415963
HD 00:57 Close-up face of Cute pug puppy dog sleeping by chin and tongue lay down on laminate floor #16453216
4K 00:23 Little defenseless puppies are sitting in a large bucket. Buy yourself a pet concept #32684113
4K 00:22 Pretty young girl blogger is taking selfie with purebred dog outdoors in city park cuddling and fondling beautiful animal. Modern technology, loving animals and nature concept. #1012911764
HD 00:22 Cloning of Bacteria, beautiful 3d animation with a depth of field. Full HD 1080 #1009726091
4K 00:34 Cute pug dog. Green screen. Portrait. Lying. Tilting head #1018030420
HD 00:17 Pretty funny dog .Jack Russell Terrier jumping dancing with impatience on the grass, running and brings a toy blue disc frisbee. Sunny day for walking #7213669
HD 00:13 Portrait of a surprised, troubled dog pug, close-up #1017519133
HD 00:10 Cute and funny Puppy french bulldog chewing food #21438187
HD 00:14 Puppy embracing tiny kitten #14706817
HD 00:21 Agitated young healthy active dog dance on a green field with trees. Cute Jack Russell Terriers best dogs! #7270912
HD 00:14 Aerial France Camargue sunset horses animal wild breed sea freedom business marshland tourism outdoor insurance travel #12291209
HD 00:18 Jack Russell Terrier dog running carefree through the grass in the nature Park, slow motion #17716834
4K 00:13 High angle view of pretty young woman in pajamas and her adorable puppy sleeping together on bed at home. Friendship, rest and furniture concept. #1012914707
HD 00:15 Funny Maine coon cats move their heads back and forth. HD. 1920x1080 #9251609
4K 00:27 Adult male lion shows his love to his two little cubs, captured in 4K. #9075212
HD 00:15 hummingbird feeding from flower slow motion #24790592
4K 00:18 Cowboy Camargue France rider animal horse sunrise white livestock nature France running Mediterranean water outdoors wetland freedom RED DRAGON #12327677
HD 00:10 Modern farm barn with milking cows eating hay/Cows feeding on dairy farm/Cows in cowshed/Calf feeding on farm/Livestock on farm/Tractor in farm barn/Agriculture industry/Milk farm #14218238
4K 00:16 Small lazy bulldog getting up from sleeping on the couch #23224405
4K 00:25 Everyday life for farmer with cows in South American countryside. Peasant work in Latin America with livestock in family country ranch. Manual job and people in small farm, man walking with cattle #27541663
4K 00:17 Close-up aerial view of a breeding herd of elephants walking in the marshy grasslands of the Okavango Delta, Botswana #1006972273

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