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46,378 Carnivore stock footage, videos, and clips are available royalty-free in HD and 4K.

HD 00:09 [Horned Owl Close up slow blink eye]Horned Owl Close up slow blink eye #20840020
HD 00:11 Several Spinner Dolphins swimming fast, porpoising, jumping out of water, hunting tuna. Beautiful and intelligent marine animals chasing fish during morning hunt. Sri Lanka. Side view. Slow motion. #24323447
HD 00:07 pantera #25712501
HD 00:27 An Endangered Sea Otter plays and rolls around. Cute & adorable wildlife behaviour in the kelp of the Pacific Ocean (California).  #17993350
4K 00:12 Cheetah Running Super Slow Motion Front View #1031720207
4K 00:15 Amazing jaguar closeup in a rain forest - Brazilian and South America wild animals - Shot with RED cinema camera #15812089
4K 00:10 bengal tiger stripes #1012713500
4K 00:22 Polar Bear walking on broken sea ice 
Long shot of Polar Bear walking on broken sea ice
HD 00:27 Polar bear sow and two cubs walking on the sea ice in Polar Bear Pass north off Baffin Island in Nunavut, Canada. (Nunavut, Canada 2010s) #18662639
HD 00:24 Sea lions relaxing and tussling in a heap in the sun #4317989
HD 00:06 Pantera black #32284963
4K 00:17 Southwest African lion's portrait #30972367
HD 00:11 cheetah running straight for camera crouching chasing after bait #5725001
HD 00:12 cheetah running #5724974
4K 00:27 Portrait of vigilant meerkats, appearing and disappearing looking in all directions. #27399049
HD 00:11 pantera #25712507
HD 00:12 The Bengal tiger, also called the royal Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris), is the most numerous tiger subspecies. It is the national animal of both India and Bangladesh. #19810399
HD 00:49 Powerful roaring lion,Lion roared, sound of the lion #34031398
HD 01:21 British cat on a leather sofa Chesterfield #11274149
4K 00:10 the crocodile closes and opens the eyes closeup #32717815
HD 00:12 two cheetahs running in the wild bush savanna slow motion tracking shot
HD 00:06 pantera #25712504
HD 00:14 Lioness (Panthera leo)  with young lion cub in early morning light, Kalahari desert, South Africa #26122625
4K 00:15 Jaguar and lived in Central America and South America  #11586941
4K 00:19 3 big male lions lying on the rocks in Serengeti national park Tanzania - 4K #16540462
HD 00:19 Snowy Owl, Bubo Scandiacus, perched on a post making eye contact with piercing yellow eyes. Light snowfall.isolated on black background. #19184146
HD 00:15 Falconry eagle flying in slow motion - separated on green screen. #1014158699
4K 00:12 Tyrannosaurus Rex in motion of attack #1007209771
4K 00:55 Siberian Tiger in slow motion #6757036
HD 00:09 Tiger head with yellow eyes, artificial colored, progressive, apple prores 422HQ #14930116

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