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4K 00:18 4K aerial view directly above a farmer monitoring his corn crop with a tablet #26483111
4K 00:18 Casual young man using smartphone in a car. He is checking mails, chats or the news online. #25834700
HD 00:05 Unrecognizable hospital patient lying on MRI, tomograph, scanner, moving to and from the camera. Slider shoot. #17994355
4K 00:13 Young happy millennial couple students move into their first new owners home. Simple white background of urban apartment, they frame and decide on decoration on walls, painting and map #28567267
4K 00:16 Engineer in hardhat checking the loading of truck with a tablet computer on heavy industry factory #21491668
HD 00:07 Female green eye close up extreme macro zoom in iris.HD real time extreme close up shot of the wide open human eye of a female.Big zoom in,eye blinking. #12056993
HD 00:13 Electronic circuit board production. Automated Circut Board machine Produces Printed digital electronic board. Electronics contract manufacturing. Manufacture of electronic chips. High-tech #18465187
HD 00:20 Teenage Boy Talking on Old Phone and Turning Off Old Television with Green Screen. You can replace green screen with the footage or picture you want with “Keying” effect in AE  (check out tutorials). #34802548
4K 00:30 Seamless looping flowing particles with beautiful light effects. 30 seconds long and loops. Check out our portfolio for similar backgrounds and much more! #27914776
HD 00:26 Moving particles. Gold tint. Seamless loop. More colors available - check my portfolio. #4779302
HD 00:28 80s Television with Green Screen. You can replace green screen with the footage or picture you want. You can do it with “Keying” (Chroma Key) effect in AE (check out tutorials on YouTube). #34825720
4K 00:20 A couple of doctors or scientist analyze the patient's medical situation by checking on a glass monitor with a futuristic holography. Concept of: medicine, doctors, future, holography. #1009087268
HD 00:07 Carpenter checks the quality sanding wooden board. RAW video record. #14773273
HD 00:13 Close up smiling man walk with shopping cart at the supermarket feel happy hypermarket hand food shop store customer grocery handsome indoor lifestyle male market buyer guy product shopper slow motion #1008755315
HD 00:20 Farmer uses a tablet computer on a soy field #29837419
HD 00:15 Health visitor and a senior woman during home visit. A female nurse or a doctor examining a woman. Slow motion. #32667007
HD 00:29 Two IT engineers are working in a data center with rows of server racks and super computers. They are discussing their work as they check cables and other equipment. In slow motion. #3589157
4K 00:15 Attractive happy couple arriving at hotel reception lobby travelling on vacation checking in carrying luggage on honeymoon #12322691
HD 00:12 car service, repair, maintenance and people concept - mechanic man with lamp working at workshop #18085261
4K 00:09 Handsome young man using cell phone in a car. He is texting, checking mails, chats or the news online. Night.

4K 00:18 Engineer and Factory Worker are Setting Up CNC Lathe Machine Together. Shot on RED Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD). Its easy scale, rotate and crop without loosing quality. #9218825
HD 00:23 Man holding and waving Checkered race flag in slow motion at finish line on a raceway. Victory, achievement, success and sport concept. #31709311
4K 00:21 laptop computer showing charts and graphs. modern office business background #12560141
4K 00:40 Happy excited young woman receiving discount for shopping while checking email box on mobile calling for sharing success with friend while walking in urban setting down street #34497178
HD 00:16 Vintage Tvs Green Screen. Sepia Tone. You can replace green screen with the footage or picture you want. You can do it with “Keying” (Chroma Key) effect in AE (check out tutorials on YouTube).  #30573991
4K 00:11 At the Supermarket: Man Pushing Shopping Cart Through Fresh Produce Section of the Store. Store with Many Customers Shopping. Following Back View Shot. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera. #1015805119
HD 00:28 Male and female warehouse workers are looking at a laptop computer and discussing the logistics of their business. In slow motion. #3808076
HD 00:20 Growing Global Network - Preview is darker than actual - Check portfolio for variations. #1056196
4K 00:15 4K Lightning Storm in the Clouds! Loops seamlessly. Even more lightning visuals, backgrounds in our portfolio, plus a lot more. Check out our portfolio for more! #22098598
HD 00:18 Businessmen working together at office desk and checking a financial report, hands top view, unrecognizable people #9729380

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