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4K 00:29 SLOW MOTION, CLOSE UP: Detail of vintage leather mountaineering boots and unrecognizable adventurous female hiker climbing mountain peak, hiking uphill on beautiful sunny summer day in European Alps #20183806
HD 00:11 Silhouette of helping hand between two climber. two hikers on top of the mountain, a man helps a man to climb a sheer stone. couple hiking help each other silhouette in mountains with sunlight. #1018162975
HD 00:17 Silhouette of backpacker walking towards the edge of a rocky peak to contemplate the beautiful panorama of the Huascaran National Park. Slow motion #21402010
HD 00:36 teamwork help business travel silhouette concept lifestyle . group of tourists lends a helping hand climb the cliffs mountains. people climbers climb to the top overcoming hardships the path to #1030849778
4K 00:15 Aerial of a man silhouette climbing up the wall at amazing sunset. #34926589
4K 00:21 Aerial fly-by a man rock climbing outdoors at amazing sunset. #34926604
4K 00:30 Woman rock climbing and topping out, personal goal setting achievement. #14275100
4K 00:12 Aerial, edited - Silhouette of a couple giving each other a high five celebrating successful climb on the mountain in beautiful sunset #19249195
4K 00:19 Aerial flight above people hiking along trail path in sunny day. Group of friends summer adventure journey in mountain nature outdoors. Travel exploring Alps, Dolomites, Italy. 4k drone forward video #27553420
4K 00:08 Sports Woman With Smartwatch Climbing The Rock Having Workout In Mountains #1009512854
HD 00:13 Climber helping teammate climb, the man with the backpack reached out a helping hand to his friend. Hiker helping friend while trekking on hill. Tourist man helps someone to climb the mountain. #1018229182
4K 00:14 Mature caucasian senior on a hiking adventure taking wife's hand helping her climb up a mountain. tourism concept 4k #1015494787
4K 00:08 Woman helping another woman up a steep path giving a helping hand.  Women achievment, success, empowerment and strength. #14275307
4K 00:12 Large passenger airplane taking off against beautiful sunset #1021998742
HD 00:18 Mountain Climber Man Reaching The Top Doing His Best. Closeup on Hand. HD, 1920x1080.  #27699706
4K 00:19 Young Man Walking Up Mountain Slope Backpacking Winter Hike Extreme Conditions Swiss Alps  Aerial Drone Flight Footage  #14596516
4K 00:25 Young fit woman lead rock climbing on sport route, outdoors rock climbing, cinematic slow motion rock climbing moments #1037378756
4K 00:33 National Nature Park Tre Cime In the Dolomites Alps. Beautiful nature of Italy. Aerial FPV drone flights at sunset #30776308
4K 00:15 Group of friends walking along coastal path together #11317337
4K 00:19 Young man doing backflip cliff jumping into ocean at sunset #1006626115
HD 00:30 Couple hiking help each other silhouette in mountains. Teamwork couple hiking, help each other, trust assistance, sunset. Man giving hand a woman to help her to climb the mountain. #1026577676
HD 00:10 Teammate helping hiker to reach summit .
Couple hiking in New Zealand, hand reach out to help female hiker reach the summit.
A helping hand concept  #30393361
4K 00:15 SLOW MOTION closeup of an athlete hands clapping with white chalk powder that explodes in slow motion particles of dust, take 2, multiple claps #15696943
HD 00:27 Reaching The Top #5317241
4K 00:09 Mature woman on a hikinig adventure holding man's hand helping her climb on mountain hill #29673952
4K 00:21 sloth yawning sleeping on a branch costa rica #24790583
HD 00:13 Ice Climbing Frozen Waterfall. Climbing Alpinism Winter.  Climber climbs on icy wall with wind and snow blowing. A man climbing a frozen waterfall. Climbing gear.  #1008682468
4K 00:19 POV of happy climbers reaching the top of the mountain with amazing view. #34926808
4K 00:09 teamwork business travel silhouette concept. two hikers winter snow tourists climbers climb to the top of mountain lifestyle . overcoming hardships the path to victory, teamwork, important points in #1021006192
4K 00:16 lonesome climber sitting on top of mountain. Adventurer in expedition. Freedom, zen concept 4k #1014323453

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