Depth of field Footage and Stock Videos

78,975 Depth of field stock footage, videos, and clips are available royalty-free in HD and 4K.

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4K 00:06 Water Drop Flows Down on a Leaf, Beautiful realistic 3d animation. 4K #1010344019
4K 00:15 3d rendered abstract plexus shapes. Connection and web concept. Digital, communication and technology background with lines and dots. Loopable sequence #29423944
HD 00:20 Seamless loop: Fantasy blue textured abstract shape and light particles in organic motion. Technology, science and engineering motion background. Depth of field settings. 3d rendering. #32429326
4K 00:15 Abstract glittering DNA double helix with depth of field. Animation of DNA construction from debrises. Science animation. Genom futuristic footage. Conceptual design of genetics information. 4k UHD #1015826725
4K 00:25 Elegant, detailed, and delightful bokeh and particles visuals with shallow depth of field. #1008095020
4K 00:18 Abstract digital background made of different shapes with hight detailed elements. Rich details and depth of field effect. Geometry lines with dashes and glow. 3d rendering. #24251288
4K 00:22 businessman hands type on laptop keyboard business 4K Hands touch typing pointing cloud data social network media,Businesswoman working on tablet computer,Extreme close-up human hands on keyboard 4K #1030411901
HD 00:25 Digital wave background abstract title dark blue blurred animation of particle seamless. #1014721304
HD 00:25 Plexus structure evolving in organic motion. Camera moves in it and changes its focus distance. Abstract technology, science and engineering motion background. Depth of field settings. 3D rendering. #30612850
HD 00:20 Human brain being formed by revolving particles. Plexus structure evolving around. Blue abstract futuristic science and technology motion background. 3D rendering. Depth of field settings. #17340574
HD 00:26 Slow motion closeup of spring water and drops #16683991
4K 00:30 Social Media Like, Follow, Visit, counter on website macro. #31590880
4K 00:15 4K rendered computer generated big data video abstract moving background. Triangles, dots and lines are connecting with shine on blur background. Slow motion and shallow depth of field #23047249
4K 00:58 gold shiny sparkling particles move in a viscous liquid. It is bright festive background with glittering particles depth of field, bokeh and luma matte as alpha channel. 4k 3d animation v67 #1035028145
4K 00:08 4k blossoming apple-tree, beautiful 3d animation. see also the new corrected version with butterflies ClipID 9191579 #5636978
4K 00:18 Young Asian woman in city face portrait smile happy #1023866254
HD 00:30 Fragrant, aromatic, natural and good for health, spices lie on the table, separately from each other.The camera moves through the spices. Closeup. Dolly shot. Shallow depth of field #20662180
HD 00:15 Close up of clean water flowing in a small mountain river, slow motion and shallow depth of field. #1015267588
HD 00:11 Hands of a woman writing on a piece of paper. Writing love letters.	 #27041779
4K 00:12 Close up of opening dark red rose, blooming dark red rose, beautiful 3d animation #22898539
4K 00:18 blue background, digital signature with wave particles, sparkle, veil and space with depth of field. The particles are white light lines. #1015161208
4K 00:10 Beautiful slowly rotating diamond. Seamless loop, nice looping background,
4K,ultra high definition 2160p #1009776686
4K 00:12 Ramadan candle lanterns are hanging on dawn sky background with glowing stars and a crescent. There is a space on top for your message text and logo. Top quality 3d animation. #1027722329
HD 00:20 Alcohol explosion on black (slow motion, shallow dof, alpha matte, full hd) #14224613
4K 00:58 multicolored particles like confetti or spangles float in a viscous liquid and glitter in the light with depth of field. 3d abstract animation of particles in 4k. luma matte as the alpha channel. 29 #1031403074
4K 00:09 Portrait of Attractive Smiling Male Teenager Outdoors in Urban Environment. Shot on RED Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD). #19857034
HD 00:10 Blue plexus fantasy abstract technology and engineering motion background rotating and creating an evolving organic hemisphere. Original organic motion and depth of field settings. #19292245
HD 00:22 Cloning of Bacteria, beautiful 3d animation with a depth of field. Full HD 1080 #1009726091
4K 00:12 Close up of opening pink rose, blooming pink roses, beautiful 3d animation #22898560
HD 00:20 Blue illuminated particles in organic motion. Depth of field settings. 3D rendering. #29324191

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