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4K 00:12 Close up. A portrait of a labrador dog being caressed by a teen girl. View of hands and a dog. Green grass background. POV #32979487
HD 00:17 cat and a dog are sleeping together funny video. cat and dog friendship indoors #1007292391
HD 00:15 Curious beagle dog run at grass, chase moving camera, slow motion shot. Long ears flap and fly in air, doggy rush towards, look straight to camera. Happy puppy play he game with owner, have good time #31512310
4K 00:25 Moving to new apartment of young couple in love. Happy couple stroking dog. Cheerful playful dog licking the owners. People laughing. #34760848
HD 00:22 Cute French Bulldog dog wearing funny sombrero party hat  #18022369
4K 00:09 Pug dog having a siesta an resting in bed on a pillow on his back and wrapped with blanket , tongue sticking out looking very funny #25032236
4K 00:15 Puppies of golden retriever playing on the grass in a beautiful garden on a sunny day #17223499
4K 00:13 Attractive young lady is reading book sitting on windowsill in the house together with adorable puppy. Large window, green plants, nice interior is visible. #1012911794
4K 00:12 Funny and silly playful video of dog paws typing and pressing buttons on laptop keyboard nervously and rapidly. concept joke or freelance work in office, pet life and routine workplace #32044789
HD 00:28 cute jack russell dog with crystal covered sunglasses in a disco setting #17565994
4K 00:21 A curious dog looks out the car window, which rides through a small town. Against the background of a beautiful sky #33172102
4K 00:18 Funny little dog (poodle) wearing Easter bunny ears #1008694540
HD 00:15 A domestic pet has taken on a home. Torn documents on white floor. Pet care abstract photo. Small guilty dog with funny face. #1005604420
HD 00:26 White Golden Retriever Puppy Cuddling Up with Owner Girl Laying on Lawn in Park Outdoors Summer Spring Day Kissing Hugging Petting #25881104
4K 00:31 POV awesome shot of hipster man or millennial freelancer write blog post or work on remote office project on laptop, while drinking coffee from adventure metal mug and pet dog on pier on lake #1008626677
4K 00:24 Slow motion of a group of playful pedigreed Golden Retriever dogs are running  towards the camera in a green park. #1029849365
4K 00:12 Christmas dog wears Santa hat, steers car, drives on snowy, winter road. 4K UHD 3840x2160
4K 00:12 Adorable dog witch rides halloween pumpkin broom through blue cloud-filled  sky, time lapse. 4K UHD 3840x2160 & Motion
HD 00:28 Cute puppy dog Jack Russell three months, slow motion 240 running across grass,sunset light.wide angle shot #11073206
HD 00:19 Dog Driving, Adorable dog on vacation wears goggles, drives on road that cuts through lush, tropical island vegetation. 1080p
HD 00:21 A dog driving a car on a suburban street wearing funny sunglasses #1024867412
HD 00:18 Adorable small dog Jack Russell terrier dancing  jumping want to  play. excited impatience. Active crazy friend pet running for the blue disk toy. seamless endless looped video #22953046
4K 00:17 Medium slow motion zoom out shot of yoga class performing downward-facing dog / Provo, Utah, United States #26381594
HD 00:10 Close Up Shot of a Golden Retriever Looking into the Camera and Sniffing with his Nose at the Beach. #10963181
HD 00:13 cute dog shake his head #9042448
4K 00:11 Funny cute Pomeranian Spitz dog puppy riding on a longboard skateboard outdoors. 4K UHD RAW edited footage #29068489
4K 00:11 cute dogue de bordeaux enjoys car ride with head out window 4k, go #29184619
4K 00:12 Female Taking Photo of Fast Food Using Mobile Phone in Vegan Restaurant. 4K Slowmotion Flatlay Food Photography on Wooden Table in American Diner. Bali, Indonesia. #1025545676
4K 00:06 Funny Jack Russell Terrier dog with banana peel on its head looking at camera on a blue background #1020124138
HD 00:57 Close-up face of Cute pug puppy dog sleeping by chin and tongue lay down on laminate floor #16453216

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