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4K 00:21 Group of young friends phubbing each other while sitting in a row on the couch in domestic room. Busy teenagers using smart phones with disinterest on each other. Technology and smart phone addiction. #1008668863
HD 00:11 Silhouette of helping hand between two climber. two hikers on top of the mountain, a man helps a man to climb a sheer stone. couple hiking help each other silhouette in mountains with sunlight. #1018162975
4K 00:22 Low angle shot with tilt up of two businessmen in official clothes greeting each other with handshake and discussing work before big window #25391813
4K 00:12 Aerial, edited - Silhouette of a couple giving each other a high five celebrating successful climb on the mountain in beautiful sunset #19249195
4K 00:19 beautiful young woman giving teenage girl friend kiss on cheek hugging each other on vacation #10528277
4K 00:07 Top view of creative business team working at modern office. Colleagues talking, smiling, high five with each other. #26633896
4K 00:25 Macro 4k slow motion of milk cream waves and drops splash mixing with each other in water. #1025645246
4K 00:27 Medium shot of happy male friends meeting and pound hugging each other, then chatting about life #25391459
HD 00:14 Two businessman farmers shake hands with each other firmly. They talk on the field against a beautiful sunset, they use a tablet. Deal #26533409
4K 00:19 Two men hug and greet one another and catch up as if they haven't seen each other in a long time. These old friends talk to one another, high five, and compliment each other. #13207895
4K 00:20 Tracking shot of company of friends sitting at home and watching sport competition on TV. They raising hands up and yelling when their team winning and girls hugging each other #24648524
4K 00:17 Young black boy playing with dad, uncle and grandad outdoors #23190118
HD 00:30 Fragrant, aromatic, natural and good for health, spices lie on the table, separately from each other.The camera moves through the spices. Closeup. Dolly shot. Shallow depth of field #20662180
HD 00:30 Couple hiking help each other silhouette in mountains. Teamwork couple hiking, help each other, trust assistance, sunset. Man giving hand a woman to help her to climb the mountain. #1026577676
4K 00:13 Adult black family eating outside at a dinner table #23190028
4K 00:18 Panning shot of young adult friends talking at dining table #21729433
4K 01:00 Competitive couple push and shove each other as they play a video game at home #1009173398
HD 00:38 Childhood Memories.  View of a group of teen friends enjoying a walk, hugging each other. Vintage times. Childhood Memories. Shot on RED EPIC DRAGON Cinema Camera in slow motion. #27598090
4K 00:12 Students walking through the foyer of a modern university, shot on R3D #21195964
4K 00:08 Close up of the hands of top managers in business suits, shake hands with each other, against the window in the office, agree to a deal or say hello. Slow motion, unrecognizable person #1027433285
HD 00:07 Infographics Motion design - graphs, diagrams, histograms transforming into each other. Loop animation with alpha channel. #27462451
4K 00:17 Back view of a group of teen hipster friends enjoying a walk on the pier hugging each other with sunset sun flare #15254986
HD 00:29 Two women crying hugging each other in winter in front of the ocean super slow motion #1022981872
HD 00:17 Two businessmen shaking hands to greet each other and talking in office, backlit shot on Sony NEX 700 #16739899
HD 00:24 Asian senior couple eating an ice cream and feed each other abstract eternal love #12737012
4K 00:16 Close up of Attractive young couple kissing engaged in foreplay touching each other #10205039
HD 00:17 Man and woman touch noses of each other close up slow motion. Young happy smiling couple spend romantic morning together looking at each other with great love. Tenderness perfume skincare concept #24246953
HD 00:13 Video customer and the executor of the order for the construction sit opposite each other and discuss the subject of the order, are actively working with papers, drawings. each has its own subject for #11360120
4K 00:11 Multi generation black family in garden, handheld pan #23190112
4K 00:23 Friends make a toast over dinner on a roof terrace, Ibiza, shot on R3D #21125638

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