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19,491 Eagle stock footage, videos, and clips are available royalty-free in HD and 4K.

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HD 00:13 silhouette of father and son playing enjoying sunset in wheat field in nature on summer day. happy family walking outdoors. Little boy and father man having fun tossing up throwing son in air children #1023362620
HD 00:28 WILDLIFE black animal design seagull flying on Green screen Slow motion shot of pigeons flying on green screen and on white isolated on a green background in studio shot background flying butterflies #1026574241
HD 00:22 Bald Eagle flying in slow motion against blue sky and clouds. Close-up. #9957539
4K 00:21 Super slowmotion of owl flapping its wings in the night. Black and white shot. Fear. #23766562
HD 00:16 A lone male bald eagle soars above in a bright blue cloudy sky #4353686
4K 00:20 Flock of vultures flying circles in the sky. Includes a low angle and a profile view, on a green background. #1007536852
HD 00:19 Beautiful shot of Bald eagle swooping down and catching a fish in his talons from the blue water in 240 fps slow motion. #9958664
HD 00:15 Falconry eagle flying in slow motion - separated on green screen. #1014158699
HD 00:28 Close up of a male bald eagle searching and shrieking, with distant snowy mountains in the background  #4353752
4K 00:02 Pair of bird / angel wings flapping on a green screen for chroma key mate. #10569290
HD 00:08 Wing Particle Alpha #27896236
4K 00:13 Closeup of eagle owl flapping its wings in the scary night. Black and white shot. Fear. #23766556
HD 00:21 lake with ice reflecting snow covered mountains, Banff, NP, Canada #11313380
HD 00:09 Extreme closeup of American Eagle's face turning from left to right #1012519985
HD 00:22 Hawk Eagle moves its wings when the sun hits ..
HD 00:29 Two bald eagles fly in unison and perform acrobatic courting ritual in slow motion  #4353671
HD 00:20 Spotted eagle rays cruise over a sandy bottom near Cocos Island, Costa Rica. #3740228
4K 00:32 Close up little boy sitting on his daddy's neck and launching flying kite at sunset #29837689
4K 00:08 [Bald Eagle Staring at the Camera in front of American Flag]Bald Eagle Staring at the Camera in front of American Flag #21079474
HD 00:14 African Fish Eagle flying majestically in slow motion at Lake Naivasha Kenya during a boat safari #1035589937
HD 00:26 Slow motion bald eagle catching lure in the desert 100 fps #11368379
HD 00:10 eagle. bird. slow motion .animals wildlife #4999826
HD 00:20 Mexican flag, flag agitated in the wind,closeup,Mexican coat of arms in the foreground #1008150349
HD 00:38 Golden Eagle Spread its Wings. Slow Motion at a rate of 480 fps. Golden eagle spread its wings and turned away from the camera on the background of cloudy sky #6797941
HD 00:10 Single white feather falling down on surface black background #1011227285
HD 00:15 falcon bird flying in slow motion. hawk eagle close up. wildlife animal background #15443338
4K 00:29 4K Close up of American Bald Eagle against green screen background. Shot on RED Epic. #13371647
HD 00:29 Silhouetted eagle flying in front of sunset in slow motion.  Good for titles and backgrounds. #9957551
4K 00:57 spotted eagle owl as a studio shot with black background, owl looks to floor and suddenly into the camera, after that owl looks around #1020404464
HD 00:59 Cranes migration in Hungary, Central-Europe #34095367

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