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180,472 Electricity stock footage, videos, and clips are available royalty-free in HD and 4K.

4K 00:31 Aerial view of Wind turbines Energy Production- 4k aerial shot on sunset. 4k drone footage turbines at sunrise with clouds #1010225909
4K 00:21 Set of Beautiful Lightning Strikes on Black Background. Electrical Storm. 17 Videos of Blue Realistic Thunderbolts in Loop Animation in 4k 3840x2160.  #24196162
4K 00:15 A father engineer, holds his daughter in his arms and runs between the wind turbines with great freedom. Concept of: environmental engineering, renewable energy and love for nature and for the family #1012504949
HD 00:10 Power generation by wind turbines and solar panels.
4K 00:26 Real flashes of lightning over the sea during a powerful thunderstorm #1026906530
4K 00:28 Flying over a futuristic circuit board with moving electrons ending on the CPU. Transparent blue. Technology background. This video is loopable from frame 588 to 851. More options in my portfolio. #11748722
4K 00:20 4K Aerial view of Solar Panels Farm (solar cell) with sunlight.Drone flight fly over solar panels field renewable green alternative energy concept in Thailand. #31651372
HD 00:20 Abstract background with animation of slow moving particles. Animation of seamless loop. #18169120
4K 00:17 Wires cables binary fly through data internet power electric circuit fiber 4k #23914351
4K 00:19 Aerial view of windmills turning at sunset, wind power turbines generating clean renewable energy #17354890
4K 00:15 Senior is plugging in power cord to an electric car. Close up. 4K #24121744
4K 00:25 Turning light ON and OFF #1015616044
4K 00:09 Futuristic Female Engineer Wearing Virtual Reality Glasses, Designs in 3D Field with Wind Turbines. Renewable Energy Expert Does Technological Efficiency Testing. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Camera. #1011929045
4K 00:20 Several lightning strikes over black background. Blue. Electrical Storm. More options in my portfolio. #11745674
4K 00:20 Realistic lightning strikes.Thunderstorm with flashing lightning. MORE COLOR OPTIONS IN MY PORTFOLIO. #9589457
4K 00:30 Stage lights. Close-up. Floodlights shining brightly and turning on and off. Blue. More color options in my portfolio. #11740529
4K 00:15 Senior is plugging power cord to an electric car. Close up. 4K #24136654
HD 00:13 Dam and waterfalls on the American River in Northern California #16017106
4K 00:14 Aerial View. Beautiful windmill turbines , wind energy turbines . Aerial drone shot. 4K 30fps  #18356467
HD 00:06 Blackout in server room
HD 00:13 Businessman touching Brain CPU chip, grow artificial intelligence #15450451
4K 00:14 Beautiful Sunset Over Solar Panel Farm Aerial Drone Footage Ecology Power Conservation Concept #17215792
4K 00:11 Hairs instantly raise on arm from static electricity force impulse caused by balloon or tesla coil, science experiment EXTREME MACRO SHOT #20145853
4K 00:09 Automotive Engineer Working on Electric Car Chassis Platform, Using Tablet Computer with Augmented Reality 3D Software. Innovative Facility: Vehicle Frame with Wheels Becomes a Solid Virtual Model. #1029926642
HD 00:08 Smart Home - Man using smart home app on a smart phone. Smart home, intelligent house automation remote control concept. The Internet of things #20433664
HD 00:20 Aerial view of summer countryside with wind turbines and agricultural fields. Full HD, 1080p #10604327
4K 00:24 Lightning bolts of different colors with an alpha channel #33605644
HD 00:23 Portrait of young diverse business team at work. Bright contemporary small creative business. Casual young people in new creative business office or architects company. #4477829
4K 00:12 Abstract blue purple particles of optical fiber #1012356833
HD 00:08 Woman driving an autonomous car #25911029

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