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4K 00:12 School kids counting with fingers at an elementary school #28049509
4K 00:26 Elementary school kids chasing football in a field #28048990
4K 00:12 Panning shot of teacher assisting children in classroom reading digital tablets / Provo, Utah, United States #1008223315
4K 00:20 Elementary school kids running and waving to camera outdoors #28048963
4K 00:11 Enthusiastic teacher high-fiving students exiting doorway from classroom / Provo, Utah, United States #1008224179
4K 00:16 In Elementary School Class: Portrait of a Brilliant and Cute Black Girl with Braces Writes in Exercise Notebook, Smiles. Junior Classroom with Diverse Group of Bright Children Working Diligently #1040038283
4K 00:10 Group of elementary school kids running in a school corridor #16355902
HD 00:13 Four Friends Are Going to School. They Have A Lot of Fun Because Today is Their First Day at School. #1011215675
4K 00:10 In Elementary School Class: Enthusiastic Teacher walks between Rows of Bright Diverse Children, Explains Lesson. Group of Smart Multiethnic Kids Learning New Stuff. Side View Tracking Shot #1039961189
4K 00:10 Caring Teacher Explains Lesson to a Classroom Full of Bright Diverse Children. In Elementary School with Group of Smart Multiethnic Kids Learning Science, Whole Classroom Raising Hands Knowing Answer #1039966991
4K 00:10 Concepts on blackboard at school. Young people, students and pupils in classroom. Smart hispanic girl writing math formula on board during lesson. Portrait of female child smiling, looking at camera
4K 00:18 Group of children with face mask back at school after covid-19 quarantine and lockdown. #1053578885
HD 00:24 CU, Slow motion, Back view shot: Student runs home from school #1012835351
4K 00:14 Elementary School Science Classroom: Enthusiastic Teacher Explains Chemistry to Diverse Group of Children, Little Boy Mixes Chemicals in Beakers. Children Learn with Interest #1040541401
4K 00:20 Male teacher walking in corridor with elementary school kids #16355911
4K 00:11 Portrait of group of diverse school kids showing thumbs up in classroom at school 4k #18695477
4K 00:12 Primary school girl with two braids using virtual reality glasses as part of information technology lesson #1008227536
4K 00:20 Kids running to camera in school hallway, front view #28896502
HD 00:19 Two boys and girl are returning home after the school. The girl catches up with the boys and hugs them. School friends, childhood love, to accompany home. Friendly hugs. Going out school. #26742421
4K 00:10 Back to School, Online learning, distance lesson, education at home, technology for schoolboy, business conference. Children doing homework at home #1050007465
HD 00:07 A group of primary school children raise their hands to answer the teacher’s question. Close up on the hand of a girl. Handheld tracking shot. #16354426
4K 00:10 Panning shot of teacher questioning students in math class / Provo, Utah, United States #1008224668
4K 00:24 Afro american kid girl school pupil wearing headphones studying online from home watching web class lesson or listening tutor by video call elearning on pandemic isolation. Children remote education. #1051329937
4K 00:14 4k of African school students / pupils using tablet computer during lunch break at school. #33005878
4K 00:10 Interior of a modern empty preschool classroom #1041519286
HD 00:18 Kids and educator playing with plastic building blocks at kindergarten #17222353
4K 00:28 4k, students in class with their arm raised to answer a question. Slow motion. #17667751
4K 00:17 Tracking, Back view shot: Young mother goes with the school children, they tell her about successes, she smiles and praises them.  #1012835285
4K 00:16 4k close view of pupils in classroom of African children writing English in school notebooks. #33009778
4K 00:20 Afro-American mother and little daughter doing homework writing and reading at home #1028372315

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