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4K 00:22 Journey through a neuron cell network inside the brain. Techno Blue. Loopable. Flying across a neuronal network, electric impulses passes by it. Synapse. More options in my portfolio. #11744735
HD 00:18 Neuron cell. Inside human eye. Blue. Zoom in from a blue human eye to a neuron cell network animation. Science Background. More options in my portfolio. #11739935
HD 00:31 Young concentrated woman, sitting in her room or office with french windows in the dark at the lamp.Studies late at night.Staying up late. Woman feeling headache and pain in the neck.    #18499021
HD 00:05 Unrecognizable hospital patient lying on MRI, tomograph, scanner, moving to and from the camera. Slider shoot. #17994355
4K 00:13 A physician, surgeon, examines a technological digital holographic plate represented the patient's body, the heart lungs, muscles, bones. Concept: Futuristic medicine, the human body, and the future. #22212229
HD 00:07 Female green eye close up extreme macro zoom in iris.HD real time extreme close up shot of the wide open human eye of a female.Big zoom in,eye blinking. #12056993
4K 01:08 Gold Confetti falling slow and beautiful #13320194
HD 00:20 Closeup portrait of happy young man looking surprised. Positive human emotion #21147205
HD 00:16 Three head views of MRI scan. Loopable. Blue.
See more color options in my portfolio. #4412879
HD 00:10 camera flight in maths world seamless loop #3378929
HD 00:14 Closeup of smiling young man wearing eyeglasses. Portrait of happy guy with eyeglasses looking at camera. Close up of a joyful man with beard looking at camera. #10006808
HD 00:17 Tomograph, Patient on magnetic resonance imaging, medical examination #8725573
HD 00:27 Baby yawning during Ultrasound scan (6 months-21st weeks) with heartbeat sound.
Baby boy ultrasound of 21st weeks with yawn and heartbeat sound #8040958
4K 00:10 Concepts on blackboard at school. Young people, students and pupils in classroom. Smart hispanic girl writing math formula on board during lesson. Portrait of female child smiling, looking at camera
HD 00:20 Animation of typing mathematics and physics formulas in abstract digital space. Animation of seamless loop. #18115279
HD 00:24 Assistant controls a cardio surgery in front of monitors in a control room. In an operation room a surgeon makes manipulations with a patient. #9988007
4K 00:30 Human head and brain with neurons flashing. Electric impulses. Biology. Loopable. Dolly in inside a 3D human head to a brain with neurons during synapses. More options in my portfolio. #11728667
HD 00:20 Animation of typing formulas of chemistry in abstract digital space. Animation of seamless loop. #18087298
4K 00:21 University student of Interior Design doing homework, completing housing project for final exam. The girl draws lines on a blueprint with a rule in her studio. Closeup, dolly shot #12474140
HD 00:30 Brain MRI Scan. Blue. 3 videos in 1 file. Animation showing top, front, lateral view and ECG display. Each video is loopable. Medical Background. More options in my portfolio. #11748410
HD 00:14 Doctors working together in the office, they are examining a patient's x-ray and discussing diagnosis and treatment, healthcare and medicine concept #1007617216
HD 00:18 Neuron cell. Inside human eye. Red. Zoom in from a green human eye to a neuron cell animation. #11744822
HD 00:25 Stages of mitosis. Loopable. Biology background. Blue. The mother cell reproduce by duplicating its contents and dividing into two new cells called daughter cells. #11727473
HD 00:15 Neurons with electric impulses. Loopable. Blue and Red. 
See more color options in my portfolio. #4412858
HD 00:30 Ready to get new career. Group of three young businesspeople sitting on chairs in office, waiting and going for job interview, feeling nervous. Body language. Close up of legs. Job search concept #25331192
HD 00:08 Students taking exams writing on optical form of standardized exam near Alarm clock with  holding yellow pen for final examination in secondary school, college university classroom, Education concept #1009958099
HD 00:18 Doctor telling to patient woman the results of her medical tests. Doctor showing medical records to cancer patient in hospital ward. Senior doctor explain the side effects of the intervention. #28765792
HD 00:25 education and school - students in computer class #4507691
HD 00:21 Female eye with program code. Futuristic. Technology. Blue. Eye close-up with computer data appearing. 2 colors in 1 file. #13807256
HD 00:14 Young man very happy and rejoices sitting in front of laptop #18525092

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