Feather Footage and Stock Videos

186,292 Feather stock footage, videos, and clips are available royalty-free in HD and 4K.

4K 00:17 Light stretched clouds over evening sky, lake sunset skies time lapse shot. Sun disk ahead, hide behind dense stripe of clouds, move down to horizon line. Reflex on flat water #14637331
HD 00:09 [Horned Owl Close up slow blink eye]Horned Owl Close up slow blink eye #20840020
4K 00:20 Atmospheric particle billow dust elements shot in studio #12802160
HD 00:16 T Rex Tyrannosaur Feathered Roar Down Loop Jurassic World Dinosaurs Green Screen #22577524
4K 00:05 Raven. Eye of the crow. Macro. #14983792
HD 00:39 White feathers falling down #19388230
HD 00:14 Turkey with white feathers and red small appendage looks at other turkeys in confusion around room at poultry farm #1012466915
HD 00:12 T Rex Tyrannosaur Feathered Run Side Loop Jurassic World Dinosaurs Green Screen #22577476
4K 00:21 Super slowmotion of owl flapping its wings in the night. Black and white shot. Fear. #23766562
4K 00:28 Stabilized flying birds on green screen. Ready to be animated as you wish.  #7034440
4K 00:10 Bird of tropical rainforest large green parrot with orange beak feeds other #14446333
HD 00:11 White feathers flying in the wind on black background #1011620615
4K 00:15 flock of black birds flies green screen clear #1035514520
4K 00:08 Flight of a black raven on a white background. #14548471
4K 00:49 a flock of birds flies left to right along the horizon to greenscreen #1008092683
4K 00:15 Streaky dust puff with mild turbulence shot in studio #12802004
HD 00:44 The child looks at the magic behind the window #4719680
4K 00:15 Rough atmospheric effect filling bottom of screen shot in studio #12801929
HD 00:15 Feathers coming down slowly. #12851264
HD 00:17 Follow leaders: Flock of  geese flying in an imperfect V formation. Slow motion.  Birds Geese flying in formation, Blue sky background. Migrating Greater birds flying in Formation #27953659
HD 00:13 AUSTRALIA - CIRCA 2017 - Extreme close up of a crimson topaz gorget hummingbird hovering in slow motion. #1013413649
HD 00:19 Small Rock Kestrel Falcon hovering in the middle of frame slow motion 250 fps #1007192161
4K 00:20 Rough dust elements slowly falling downward isolated against black #27630691
4K 00:15 Dust curtain falling from top of frame #27630715
4K 00:02 Pair of bird / angel wings flapping on a green screen for chroma key mate. #10569290
4K 00:15 close up or macro of a colorful peacock feather with a drop resting on. The peacock feather full of colors and textures is elegant and decorated. Concept: color accuracy, colors of nature, rainbow. #22268986
HD 00:17 White feather fall down vertical slow motion shot #1011620612
HD 00:28 wildlife animal design seagull flying on Green screen Slow motion shot of pigeons flying on green screen and on white isolated on a green background in studio shot background flying butterflies #1026574241
4K 00:14 Close up Blue and gold macaw parrot eye. #1007423623
HD 00:20 Parrot Flies Alpha Matte 3D Rendering Animation Animals #31008538

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