Fish Footage and Stock Videos

340,309 Fish stock footage, videos, and clips are available royalty-free in HD and 4K.

4K 00:30 School Of Fish.Sharks swim in a circle. #1018611226
4K 00:29 School of fish #9743549
HD 00:12 Shoal of small fishes swimming #31334728
4K 00:22 Tropical Fish on Vibrant Coral Reef, underwater static scene #17974405
4K 00:26 Manta Ray bursts through school of fish #23503459
4K 00:23 Viewer swims through huge school of silver fish #33662479
HD 00:18 big eye jackfish circling the sun-underwater #1007745805
4K 00:11 a fishmonger showing the fresh fish at the fish market. The fishmonger shows fresh fish to ensure the quality and goodness of its product. Concept: Diet,Mediterranean cuisine,fish market,healthy foods #22843978
4K 00:07 Funny happy couple cook dinner in an open space kitchen full of light, he is serious chops organic vegetables and she tries to steal a snack. they are excited, peaceful and loving #26995495
HD 00:23 Gigantic shoal of sardines silhouette light show underwater, Cebu, Philippines #32141473
HD 00:23 School of tropical fish in a colorful coral reef with water surface in background, Red sea, Egypt. Full HD underwater footage. #33169858
HD 00:10 Sushi Chef Slices fresh Salmon on the sushi bar.  A sushi-man slicing a salmon steak with his Japanese knife. Preparing sushi nigiri fish. Japanese cuisine recipes. #17494693
4K 00:13 MS LA Diver swimming amongst school of fish and corals / Bahamas, 06/15/2014 #11940155
HD 00:05 White Shark Attack Loop Front Green Screen 3D Rendering Animation #27019339
HD 00:24 giant school of fish tropical reef, shot in the Red Sea, Sudan
underwater shot, total shot #6424739
HD 00:25 Hawksbill Sea Turtle is swimming and chases the camera probably seeing it's mirror image. #13945376
HD 00:11 Several Spinner Dolphins swimming fast, porpoising, jumping out of water, hunting tuna. Beautiful and intelligent marine animals chasing fish during morning hunt. Sri Lanka. Side view. Slow motion. #24323447
HD 00:40 The colourful Siamese fighting fish Betta splendens, also known as Thai Fighting Fish or betta, is a species in the gourami family which is popular as an aquarium fish #27933034
HD 00:11 Nemo clown fish in the anemone on the colorful healthy coral reef. Anemonefish nemo couple swimming underwater. Scuba diving coral reef scene with nemo and anemone. #26523743
HD 00:18 Gold fish fun swimming on green screen, fast isolated #1007742685
4K 00:40 Okinawa Aquarium 4K with Beautiful Whale sharks and various kinds of fish swimming in the main tank. Silhouettes of People observing fish at the aquarium. Location: Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, Japan.  #1014825859
HD 00:18 tropical fish and corals underwater #3957116
4K 00:32 Coral reef, tropical fish. Warm ocean and clear water. Underwater world. Diving and Snorkelling. Coral reef and beautiful fish. Underwater life in the ocean. Tropical fish on coral reefs. #21845422
HD 00:40 Colorful red Thai Fighting Fish or better known as Siamese Fighting Fish Betta Splendens in super slow motion on black background #32984782
HD 00:23 Tranquil and serene slow motion video of wild dolphins jump from water in sea #18070063
HD 00:12 White Shark Swim Fast Loop Side Green Screen 3D Rendering Animation #27019324
HD 00:30 SLOW MOTION CLOSE UP UNDERWATER: Young couple, man and woman on romantic honeymoon diving, snorkeling and swimming underwater in beautiful lagoon, exploring tropical reef with exotic fish #14992069
HD 00:11 barracudas turning underwater vortex barracuda fish #1006719202
4K 00:32 Colorful Fish swim in a fish tank #11537753
4K 00:30 High quality animation of Blue Jellyfishes swimming in Deep Dark Ocean. This video can be used as background or as stand-alone video. The video is a seamless loop. Full 4K Ultra HD resolution video. #16482115

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