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149,697 High-speed stock footage, videos, and clips are available royalty-free in HD and 4K.

4K 00:10 Self Driving Autopilot Autonomous Cars 4K #30463072
4K 00:38 Ink in water. Slow Motion. Shot with high speed camera, phantom flex 4K. Slow Motion. #22151917
HD 00:27 Happy family- Father, mother and Two kids lying down on the sofa and using tablet pc at night. Family watching movie on tablet computer in a dark room. HD 1080p, slow motion 240 fps, high speed camera #14842069
4K 00:17 High Speed Fire ball explosion towards to camera, cross frame ahead transition, slow motion fire flamethrower isolated on black background with alpha channel, perfect for cinema, digital composition. #20445730
4K 00:12 Airplane flight. Wing of an airplane flying above the clouds with sunset sky. View from the window of the plane. Airplane, Aircraft. Traveling by air. 4K UHD video #1010280311
4K 00:10 Inferno fire wall in slow motion with seamless loop isolated, hell fire burning up, shooting with high speed camera, intense fuel blazing, perfect for digital composition. #24512267
HD 00:45 Slow motion close-up of a person slicing a pepperoni pizza into multiple slices with a pizza cutter #18943379
HD 00:29 Super slow motion shot of bulb explosion, shooted with high speed cinema camera at 2000 fps. #1016131948
HD 00:21 Salad flying out of colander in super slow motion, shot on Phantom Flex 4K #23012845
HD 00:12 pure water Swirl in glass, high speed #1007300167
HD 00:12 Modern Clock Face Fast Time Lapse. 
Wood and bronze modern clock ticking accelerated time.
Time flies moving fast forward in this time lapse.
Clock face running out in high speed.
4K 00:18 Aerial view electric car driving on country road, luxury car driving through mist at dusk with headlights #17354431
4K 00:59 4K. Amazing Sunrise Over The Earth. View Of Planet Earth From Space. Ultra High Definition. 3840x2160. Realistic 3d Animation. (You Can Speed Up This Animation For Your Projects). #29871259
HD 00:26 Side view of dust trail behind car isolated on black background, with alpha matte. #29654077
HD 00:14 Colorful holi. Beautiful Youth. Holi festival of colorful kicks. Slow Motion. Shot on RED EPIC Cinema Camera 300 fps. #9002773
4K 00:25 A single droplet of oil falling into swirl of milky liquid. Shot with high speed camera, phantom flex 4K. Slow Motion. #19045993
HD 00:10 Ocean fly over,HD high speed animation just above the ocean waves facing the sun .*note* (4k) remastered version www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-1012778426-ocean-fly-over4k-high-speed-animation-just #2474963
4K 00:20 Super slow motion of fire sparks isolated on black background. Filmed on high speed camera, 1000 fps #1017375817
HD 01:00 PUFFY CLOUDS, Puffy fluffy white clouds blue sky time lapse motion background. Bright blue sky puffy fluffy white cloud cloudscape cloudy heaven. Puffy fluffy white cloud blue sky background. FHD. #32781985
4K 00:23 Super slow motion shot of basketball basketball slam dunk, shot on Phantom Flex 4K #19000327
4K 00:11 Beautiful pink Peony background. Blooming peony flower open, time lapse, close-up. Wedding backdrop, Valentine's Day concept. 4K UHD video timelapse #1012190651
4K 00:23 Top shot of water drop in super slow motion, shooted with high speed cinema camera at 1000fps 4K. #1021897789
4K 00:09 Hyperlapsed view from a car at night. POV. Hollywood, Los Angeles, United States. Perfect to represent concepts as autonomous driving, futuristic cityscape, city life, etc. 
4K 00:30 Swirl in milky liquid surface. Shot with high speed camera, phantom flex 4K. Slow Motion. #19045972
4K 00:27 Golden glitter background in super slow motion shooted with high speed cinema camera at 1000fps 4K #1020121738
4K 00:32 Red powder exploding on white background in super slow motion, shot with Phantom Flex 4K #27565801
HD 00:15 Chunks of chocolate falling into powdered chocolate, shot with high speed camera. #33569206
4K 00:23 Aerial view car driving on country road at dusk through forest with headlights #30940000
HD 00:18 Little girl running cross the wheat field at sunset.Slow motion,high speed camera #4486982
4K 00:30 Golden ink in water shooting with high speed camera. Gold drops of paint dropped, reacting, creating abstract cloud formations metamorphosis on black. Art backgrounds. #1016176561

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