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183,578 Insect stock footage, videos, and clips are available royalty-free in HD and 4K.

4K 00:30 Honey Bee Isolated Flying over a Green Screen #1023261817
4K 00:14 Four options of butterfly species, flying in groups across the frame over a green background.  #1011670823
HD 00:10 Bees Flying on a Green Screen in Loop
HD 00:08 fly. insect fly. the fly cleans its paws. the fly washes. Entomology. macro photography. insects. blue background. #1015492489
4K 00:14 3D animation featuring a swarm of mosquitos flying around over a green background. #1011670853
4K 00:38 
Morpho Menelaus Blue Butterfly Flying on a Green Background. Beautiful 3d animation with passes of shadow and global illumination. 4K
HD 00:35 Bee flying super slow motion #27004210
HD 00:15 Shoppers at Busy Crowded Mall #2874439
HD 00:24 Monarch Butterfly, slow motion #4662050
HD 00:36 Group of Butterflies Flying Green Screen 3D Rendering Animation #26822680
HD 00:14 Big insect beautiful wings landing on  industrial hemp plant in countryside #1008759905
HD 00:09 Caucasian young male eating cricket at night market in Thailand. Eating insect concept #1008069952
4K 00:20 View of a monarch butterfly emerging from chrysalis in dramatic woods #26614388
HD 01:00 fireflies image #23215147
HD 00:32 morning in the forest. the sun's rays pass through trees #7244416
HD 00:17 Ant action standing.Ant bridge unity team #1007863693
HD 00:06 The glimmer of a firefly #1007923414
4K 00:08 A Melissa Blue butterfly flies into frame and lands, then flies away again. Composite this clip to have a butterfly land on your title or logo.  #1011670871
HD 00:23 Close-up of a bright blue butterfly flying around a red flower #4332944
HD 00:11 Bee on lavender flower. Slow motion #29648371
HD 00:24 Bee working on Sunflower in slow motion, blue sky and sunny weather #4485833
4K 00:14 3D animation featuring 7 different species of butterflies flying around over a green background. #1011670835
4K 00:32 Morpho Menelaus Blue Butterfly Flying on a Green Background. Beautiful 3d animation.  #1015156771
HD 00:14 Little Asian Boys Run Happily Through A Field With Their Butterfly Nets. Asian family playing outdoors.  #6385259
4K 00:09 Butterflies Fly to the Camera on a Green Background. 3d animation, 4K #1012053353
HD 00:30 Dandelion opening its blossom - timelapse #2242618
HD 00:12 Macro of bee gathering pollen from sunflower in field #1009928015
HD 00:11 Slow motion of honeybee busy in rape seed flower in spring field #1021437289
HD 00:23 Ant bridge unity team,Concept team work together,Video footage show sacrifice of ant #1010098301
HD 00:12 Time lapse opening of water lily flower.Lotus flower #4293200

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