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4K 00:23 Four happy millennial women distance friends chatting making group video call. Smiling young girls talking and laughing looking at web cam during virtual online meeting. Computer screen collage view #1050526429
HD 00:20 Close up of two Lovers Joining Hands. SLOW MOTION 240 fps. Detail Silhouette of Man and Woman holding hands over the Sunset Lake Background. Couple Trust, Love and Happiness concept. #18598205
HD 00:10 Happy diverse friends embrace greeting male buddy coming at meeting in cafe, multi ethnic mates group hugging guy laughing give fist bump say hello, students reunion, multiracial friendship concept #1027488626
HD 00:09 Close up multinational group of people stack hands put palms together, united different ethnicity employees makes common business, students good warm relations, support, trust and teambuilding concept #1028137049
HD 00:10 Happy multiracial young people friends talking laughing at group meeting sharing cafe table, diverse students drinking coffee having fun together enjoy multi-ethnic friendship pleasant conversation #1024307108
4K 00:27 Medium shot of happy male friends meeting and pound hugging each other, then chatting about life #25391459
HD 00:07 Multi-ethnic friends laughing having fun at meeting in coffeehouse, african and caucasian male buddies giving high five after telling good funny joke, multiracial young people hanging out in cozy bar #32241934
4K 00:20 Tracking shot of company of friends sitting at home and watching sport competition on TV. They raising hands up and yelling when their team winning and girls hugging each other #24648524
HD 00:13 Diverse millennial friends people greeting with hugs handshake say hello coming at hangout together get acquainted at friendly meeting in cafe coffeeshop, international students reunion good relation #1022373400
4K 00:11 Senior whispering something funny to another senior isolated on gray background. #29193571
HD 00:20 Beer is pouring into angled glass. IPA on tap. Cold Light Beer in a glass with water drops. Craft Beer forming waves close up. Freshness and froth. Bar background. Microbrewery craft beer. #1026296498
HD 00:16 people, leisure, friendship and celebration concept - happy male friends drinking beer, eating bread snack and clinking glasses at bar or pub #10067861
4K 00:20 Zoom in of multi-ethnic group of friends celebrating victory of their team. They yelling, clapping hands and whistling while sitting in living room and watching TV match #24648476
4K 00:09 Good old friends drinking beer in pub #32042011
HD 00:22 African american and caucasian businessmen talking in loft office, diverse colleagues joking laughing in friendly easygoing coworking atmosphere, good relations at workplace, making friends at work #30602863
HD 00:07 Beer is pouring from the top into the glass forming waves.Microbrewery Close-up. Slow-motion Cold Light Craft Beer in a glass. #1026295214
4K 00:19 Good old friends drinking beer in a pub #31586164
4K 00:15 Dog makes funny sex with a toy. A toy is a soccer ball. Legs hang hilariously. Humping dog. Humpy toy terrier. #1006667071
4K 00:40 Motion infographic HUD for screen replacement or presentations. Colorful infographics interface with alpha channel included for Luma mate.  #1009894571
HD 00:10 African and caucasian buddies making bet shaking hands at group meeting in coffeehouse, positive diverse young friends telling funny joke, laughing having fun while relaxing in cozy cafe with coffee #32241922
4K 00:30 Ballons fly through open door. Slow motion 3D render. Luma matte and color ID pass. #1008104680
HD 00:16 Water circle looping on black (seamless loop, alpha matte, full hd, cg, slow motion) #6865807
4K 00:24 Tracking shot of young friends sitting on sofa and watching sport match on TV. They throwing arms up in excitement and yelling while celebrating goal #24648368
HD 00:30 Futuristic User Interface with Alpha channel is included for Luma mate. FX Screen element for 3D artists and mition designers. Includes matte for compositing over footage or abstract background #15218494
4K 00:24 Attractive young woman is taking selfie with friends on rooftop, girl is holding camera and posing while her mates are having fun making funny faces and gestures. #1013525267
HD 00:09 Pacific creole swarm above a rocky reef near Cocos Island, Costa Rica.  This island is known for its large sharks and great numbers of fish. #3754748
4K 00:19 Red parrot Scarlet Macaw, Ara macao, bird sitting on the branch, Costa Rica. Wildlife scene from tropical forest. Beautiful parrot on green tree in nature habitat, evening light. #1021775293
4K 00:02 Pair of bird / angel wings flapping on a green screen for chroma key mate. #10569290
4K 00:19 Two young family couples talking video calling from home. Happy distance friends chatting online in virtual app by web camera enjoying lifestyle communication. Computer screen group chat collage view #1050526432
4K 00:19 Cheerful students multi-racial group are talking walking with books in college hall showing thumbs-up laughing. Emotions, lifestyle and education concept. #1037842556

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