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21,701 Puddle stock footage, videos, and clips are available royalty-free in HD and 4K.

HD 00:16 Close up slow motion shot of legs of a runner in sneakers. Male sports man jogging outdoors in a park, stepping into muddy puddle. Single runner running in rain, making splash. #16808320
4K 00:07 4k Slow-motion milk dropping and splashing forming a beautiful crown splash (top view) #15762418
4K 00:11 Garbage dump. Industrial factory on a background. Enviroment pollution concept. #24819743
4K 00:27 corn with an ice cream and a liquid chocolate topping pouring on it #28418152
HD 00:08 Car Hits Two Pot Holes. slow motion of a car driving through two potholes filled with water. splashing everywhere. #11837594
4K 00:13 SLOW MOTION CLOSE UP: Autumn rain water drops falling into big puddle on asphalt, flooding the street. Road floods due to the heavy rain in wet season. Raindrops falling down onto submerged road #1015854739
HD 00:25 Water drops making ripple shooting with high speed camera, phantom flex. #2868592
HD 00:11 It is raining outside. Rain drops break in puddle. Slow motion. Close up.  #26961493
4K 00:10 Heavy rain, people holding umbrellas in busy shopping street protecting themselves against rain. Rain starts, people open umbrellas. Real time. People with umbrellas in rain going to or from work #34590835
HD 00:17 SLOW MOTION CLOSE UP: Detail of a SUV car tyre driving over deep puddle and splashing water across the dirt road. Black SUV car tires driving on wet dirt road after rain and over muddy puddle. #30789142
HD 00:08 Close up slow motion shot of legs of a runner in sneakers. Female sports man jogging outdoors in a park, stepping into muddy puddle. #1011997943
4K 00:16 4k shot of white fluorescent lighting turn on and off and reflecting in the water or puddle in industrial building. Many neon lights blinking and flashing on the ceiling. #31374811
4K 00:29 Looping, rain falling straight down from above camera. POV shot looking down on wet, flooded pavement, while rain pours, splashes down. Nearly 30 seconds and loopable. See portfolio for much more! #30313081
HD 00:29 Young boy playing in rain, slow motion #4654475
HD 00:11 Bad weather, rain and wet snow on the evening dark road. Evening driving, Wet slippery road, rain drops and wet snow on the windshield.  Car headlights.  cars in motion. Traffic in poor visibility #8434915
HD 01:00 Slow motion silhouette variation of pedestrians walking on rainy pavement reflecting city illumination. Rings on puddles and commuter footsteps on the main street of Ginza, Tokyo. #9566315
HD 00:10 it's raining. raindrops, street, colorful traffic lights at night, blur bokeh abstract background vintage color tone, Cool chill wet raining season, concept. #14543095
HD 00:14 water drop on white background
HD 00:19 Boy jumping in muddy puddle, slow motion 250 fps #20244622
HD 00:30 Slow motion water drops #3570371
4K 00:20 pov shot with a camera attached to the front of an off road vehicle driving along a small road in the delta d'ebro park, spain #1009765175
HD 00:17 Car driving on urban roads in rainy weather. #19274365
4K 00:38 Bright realistic Aurora Borealis reflecting in road puddles.mov
HD 00:30 Water ripple shooting with high speed camera, phantom flex. #2869165
HD 00:25 Raining water blue background, drops to puddle surface, wet weather, abstract liquid nature closeup video. Raindrop falling season. Splash, ripple on the road in rainy city, dark heavy storm outdoors. #5880830
HD 00:20 Spring Drops. Slow Motion at a rate of 480 fps. Reflected in a puddle of trees without leaves. In the water dripping creating circles  #3481067
HD 00:14 Rainy day in city streets, water drops, puddles, streams, ripple, car passing by, slow motion, selective focus, close up. #11554832
HD 00:17 Reveal up to young man skipping energetically #5045036
HD 00:17 Off - road vehicle traveling across the big puddle. Green forest as a background #23330368
HD 00:30 Young boy running through puddles with umbrella, slow motion #4627571

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