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200,377 Shadow stock footage, videos, and clips are available royalty-free in HD and 4K.

4K 00:20 silhouette of unrecognizable people commuting in the city. crowded metropolis street scenery background    #18809354
HD 00:19 Young businesswoman unveil curtain and looking out of window
HD 00:28 Young businesswoman admire cityscape at night, slow motion
HD 00:09 Birds eye view dolly slow motion people walk steps from/to underground entrance.100-25p super slomo dolly overhead tracking of people walking to the underground train station.No logos/faces visible. #15081154
4K 00:10 Water surface texture, Slow motion looping clean swimming pool ripples and wave, Refraction of sunlight  top view texture sea side white sand, sun shine  water loop background, 3d simulation animation #29803495
4K 00:21 crowd of people walking on busy city street at rush hour time. commuters going home from work #18914195
HD 00:15 Woman  unveil curtains in room in the morning, 240fps
4K 00:17 Beutiful and soft pink pastel lighning at winter time. Following camera with close up on skater legs, skating his longboard in city street into sunset #23582566
4K 00:05 Abstract Polygonal Geometric Surface Loop 1A: clean soft low poly motion background of shifting pure bright white grey triangles, seamless loop 4K UHD, FullHD.  #20559346
HD 00:15 Male hand holding smart phone with green screen. Man using mobile phone while standing near window. Back view shot. Chroma key #26750194
HD 00:18 Attractive young woman opens curtains in slow motion is looking at the sunrise standing near the window in her home and enjoys of city view from height #18901553
4K 00:05 white polygonal geometric surface. computer generated seamless loop abstract motion background. 4k UHD (3840x2160)
HD 00:24 Silhouette shadow of palm leaves motion by natural wind on white wall. Slow motion #31314886
HD 00:20 Aerial view of sunrise through airliner window #23524966
4K 00:17 unrecognizable crowd of business people commuting to work. pedestrians walking on crowded city street #18919064
HD 00:16 Happy woman jumping on bed in luxury apartment, super slow motion, 240fps
HD 00:23 Grasping the sun with palm/fingers slow motion.100fps-25fps conformed slow motion shot of a silhouetted male hand against a sun and sky background, grasping the sun and letting sunlight pass through. #12056102
4K 00:05 Abstract Square Geometric Surface Loop 1A: light bright clean minimal squares grid pattern, random waving motion background canvas in pure wall architectural pearl white. Seamless loop 4K UHD FullHD. #31208530
HD 00:56 This is a picture of bamboo forest.
It is a view from the low angle of the windy bamboo forest, clear sky, and the clouds. #1016421283
HD 00:15 Abstract cg polygonal neon blue surface. Geometric poly light triangles motion background. #33969592
4K 00:10 Beautiful White Low Poly Surface Morphing in Abstract 3d Animation. Seamless Background in 4k, 3840x2160, Ultra HD. #23762221
4K 00:23 silhouette of anonymous people walking in the city. business commuters traveling background. urban metropolis lifestyle scenery #18919028
HD 00:13 Female passenger legs silhouetted, girl walk with trolley case at airport terminal against glass wall window. Parked airliner seen outside, cloudy sky. Departure gate slow motion shot #18675731
HD 01:00 Slow Motion Video of Man walking in Tunnel to the Light #25256111
HD 00:15 Two young businessmen who are old acquaintances, meet and shake hands in a busy modern office building at sunset.  #3893477
4K 00:05 White polygonal shape. Abstract 3D render background. Computer generated seamless loop animation 4k UHD (3840x2160)
HD 00:23 dark storm clouds are moving fast at viewer - timelapse #6845779
4K 00:25 beautiful animation of multi-colored flying flickering particles scattered on a black background #33740923
HD 00:24 Two football players are walking along a dark tunnel to the football field. View from the back #1013211770
HD 00:17 Confident and attractive young business team meet up with their client and shake hands, in a light and modern office building.  #3870653

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