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4K 00:29 SLOW MOTION, CLOSE UP: Detail of vintage leather mountaineering boots and unrecognizable adventurous female hiker climbing mountain peak, hiking uphill on beautiful sunny summer day in European Alps #20183806
4K 00:26 Runner Woman Feet Jogging up Stairs, Close Up, Lens Flare. SLOW MOTION 120 fps Steadicam STABILIZED shot. Athletic Healthy Female in Bearfoot Sports Shoes Running Up the Modern Sunny Glass Stairs.  #19344154
HD 00:16 Close up slow motion shot of legs of a runner in sneakers. Male sports man jogging outdoors in a park, stepping into muddy puddle. Single runner running in rain, making splash. #16808320
HD 00:09 Charming young woman with a magnificent golden hair, big blue eyes, gorgeous red lipstick and stylish look. Attractive young lady is rushing in the city-center, she turns to camera and smiles. #23381692
4K 00:25 Runner woman running in park exercising outdoors fitness tracker wearable technology #7457047
4K 00:17 Beutiful and soft pink pastel lighning at winter time. Following camera with close up on skater legs, skating his longboard in city street into sunset #23582566
4K 00:17 Closeup of feet of female runner getting ready tying running shoes with smartwatch, earphones and phone for music motivation for cardio workout training on athletic track in outdoor gym. #15186922
HD 00:15 Gorgeous young woman with beautiful blue eyes and golden long hair, with a bright red lipstick. Attractive young lady is walking down the city street, turns to camera and gives a lovely playful smile. #23381665
HD 00:10 Mixed race woman runner running on beach road #5721902
HD 00:14 hiking in the snow. hikers walking. foot feet steeps. snow winter landscape. sports recreation activity. holiday vacation tourism. people persons male silhouette. fly over. aerial #5594660
HD 00:24 Woman feet jogging up stairs, close up. Steadicam stabilized shot. Slow Motion. Sportswoman wearing barefoot sports shoes while training on the sunny stairs. Lens Flare. #11427086
4K 00:25 SLOW MOTION CLOSE UP: Female running in green park in small suburban town with tall buildings in the background. Girl jogging across steel bridge leading above heavy traffic highway at golden sunrise #20811610
HD 00:30 Running runner man athlete training outdoors exercising on mountain road at sunset in amazing landscape nature. Fit handsome athletic male working out for marathon run outside in summer. #7587919
HD 00:15 Woman's leg in high heel shoes getting out of car #19915630
HD 00:20 A businessman looks out the window in a contemplative way. Medium shot #4631570
HD 00:14 foot feet steeps. hiking walking. slow motion. snow winter landscape. recreation activity. holiday vacation tourism. people persons. outdoors sports #5594651
HD 00:08 Footballer walking along corridor to match #11432234
4K 00:37 EXTREME CU Caucasian ice hockey player tightening laces on his skates in the locker room, preparing for the game. 4K UHD 60 FPS RAW edited footage #23454109
4K 00:29 Group of runners running in park wearing wearable technology connected devices #7734613
4K 00:08 Sexy legs black high heels walking in city urban street - RED EPIC DRAGON 6K #7391881
HD 00:12 Running woman outdoors beach run #5895974
4K 00:30 Pretty smiling curly woman in stylish look confidently walks down the street, touches her trendy rose sunglasses, touches hair bright sunlight. Joy of life, active lifestyle, fashion blogger, catwalk #1012781612
4K 00:16 two beautiful Asian girls have fun walking down the street with their purchases after shopping , Steadicam shot #34089919
HD 00:10 Slow motion: running shoes. Barefoot running shoes closeup. Female athlete tying laces for jogging on road in minimalistic barefoot running shoes. Runner getting ready for training. Sport lifestyle. #10622558
HD 00:12 The one guy slowly confidence walks along the town footway in blue jeans and stylish brown leather shoe. Point of view from first person on legs close up. Autumn cold weather, pedestrian go up front #1007405041
HD 00:08 Footballer tying football boots preparing for a football soccer match #11432246
4K 00:08 Group of runners running in park wearing wearable technology connected devices #7455727
4K 00:17 Tracking with low-section of silhouette of female legs in high heels shoes walking along dark hallway; black and white slow motion shot #28997272
HD 00:17 Slipping on banana peel and falling down closeup  #1014213683
HD 00:12 Close-up of shopping girls marching in the mall #4685174

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