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4K 00:12 School kids counting with fingers at an elementary school #28049509
4K 00:26 Elementary school kids chasing football in a field #28048990
4K 00:20 Elementary school kids running and waving to camera outdoors #28048963
4K 00:30 Animation of the night to day transition on Planet Earth. Elements of this media furnished by NASA.
4K 00:19 Highly detailed epic sunrise world skyline. Planet earth Europe zone with night time city from space. 3D Rendering animation using satellite imagery (NASA) #17321767
4K 00:13 This stock video features an aerial drone shot from right featuring a waterfall. This waterfall in a Hawaiian jungle is surrounded by an assortment of palm trees ending into a pond. #1010613566
HD 00:12 Couple driving convertible car cabriolet cape town south africa steadicam shot with flare #5785796
4K 00:20 Earth zoom to Africa. Available in 4K Ultra HD. #5234198
HD 00:15 Logistic concept #4833518
HD 00:11 Great white shark breaches with mouth wide open showing all the way down her throat #30720652
HD 00:19 Great white shark breaches with mouth wide open #30720646
4K 00:13 Aerial Over Bo Kaap Houses in City of Cape Town, South Africa #30526882
4K 00:29 Aerial view flying towards the city of Cape Town with Table Mountain as a backdrop #1013687999
4K 00:23 Aerial: Wide and Closeup variety of shots showing harvesting machine cutting down ripe sugarcane crop ready to be transported and refined. Sustainable Biofuel and Organic food concept. #1038082064
4K 00:12 The giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis) is an African even-toed ungulate mammal, the tallest living terrestrial animal and the largest ruminant. It is classified under the family Giraffidae. #18490129
HD 00:33 Lion cub tackles his dad round the neck #4049278
4K 00:15 Amazing jaguar closeup in a rain forest - Brazilian and South America wild animals - Shot with RED cinema camera #15812089
HD 00:41 Closeup face of Native Brazilian children at an indigenous tribe in the Amazon #25996211
4K 00:30 Planet Earth at night and day from the space. Time lapse of the rotation and city lights. Space exploration. #1027835441
4K 00:19 Cape Town Following Chapman's Peak Drive Road - 4K Drone Footage #14158217
4K 00:16 Covid-19 Lockdown Empty Street Aerial in Cape Town South Africa #1050824245
4K 00:07 Ultra slowmotion. Group of happy friends drinking jumping in pool sunset party - Young diverse culture people having fun in tropical vacation #1017169957
HD 00:14 Young group hiking in the Drakensberg,  the highest mountain range in Southern Africa #3709769
HD 00:23 Black woman carrying baby on her shoulder #27551275
HD 00:16 Southern Right Whale Breaching Close Up #12921725
4K 00:21 Low angle of strong rock climbing man hanging free on rock with sunflare against blue sky. #15363097
4K 00:24 TRIPOD SHADOW?? A static timelapse of a typical rocky Karoo landscape as the sun rises to light up the scenery with slow moving clouds moving in over a bright blue sky. 4K #12370370
4K 00:16 Planet earth from space. Realistic world globe spinning slowly animation. Camera over Indian Ocean and Africa. #1028319824
4K 00:33 Slow Rising Shot Over a Soccer Game on a Dirt Field at a Rural Primary School in Zimbabwe, Africa to Reveal a Beautiful Mountain Landscape During Sunset #1016180029
HD 00:21 Growing Global Network  - blue version - see clip ID 1007002405 for new and improved 4K version #761992

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